Powerful voice sends listeners to the ‘80s

Suzanne Real tries to break into the rocker music scene with the band’s debut album, “Kiss Me Like a Man,” after its Oct. 13, 2012 release.

Hailing from New York, The Suzanne Real Band was brought together from a simple conversation between a father and daughter about pursuing and fulfilling their passion in music.

Backed by The Suzanne Real Band, lead vocalist Suzanne Reale catches listeners’ attention with her power hungry vocalsno nonsense and provocative lyrics. Themes of being in love, craving independence and bouncing back from heartbreak dominate the grungy tone of the album.

The Suzanne Real Band’s website says the band draws from The Shirts, a popular ‘80s band that played at local New York hot spot CBGB.

Suzanne Reale herself is described as an uninhibited singer, whose forwardness, edginess and bursting attitude match the vocal chops that she powers through in songs such as the self-titled album single, “Kiss Me Like a Man,” “Blood On My Hands” and “Can’t Catch a Break With You.”

Though most of the album’s tracks need no explanation, Suzanne Reale takes listeners on an ‘80s journey of love, heartbreak, power and independence.

The Suzanne Real Band’s rhythm section features John Amato and Bob Racioppo, who are responsible for the long, but impressive guitar solos that will have listeners of both the old and new generation rocking out to the band’s tunes.

The Suzanne Real Band aims to be a pure rock band with a blues influence and it makes reference to this in “Runaway.” The jazzy and throwback ambiance of the ‘40s era are also felt in “Bad Habits.”

“Bleeker Street” and “Daddy-O” will have some listeners feeling nostalgic for ‘80s and ‘90s grunge music all over again.

Suzanne Reale draws comparison to Robyn, Pink and Cyndi Lauper with her vocals, sound and image. Her soulful range of voices is brought to fruition by producer Ed Stasium.

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