I’m writing in response to the editorial on donation requests. As a student who works at Phonathon in the College Relations Department, I, more than most, understand why Phonathon is so vital to the college.

The fact that I receive scholarships and that they were one of the deciding factors in my decision to attend Linfield also enhances my understanding of the importance of philanthropy.

Linfield College is a wonderful school and the community here is close-knit and extremely supportive; the affinity for supporting one another is also present in our alumni and parents.

It isn’t difficult to see just how much they love and support us—all you have to do is look at the numbers.

More than 2,500 alumni and 765 parents give every year to Linfield because they all believe in Linfield and its students, in us.

They know the power of a good education and they understand the value of giving back to the Linfield Community. It is because of them that over 93 percent of students can rely on scholarships and financial aid each year, myself being one of them.

Not only do those donations go toward scholarships, but they also make a huge impact on our daily lives here at Linfield.

Not many students know that tuition only covers 86 percent of what it actually costs to educate a Linfield student, and without the support of our extended community, we would not be here.

This is why we have events like Tuition Free Day.

Tuition Free Day, which we celebrated April 18th, represents when our tuition runs out and the rest of the year is paid for with donations.

Without donations from people like our alumni and our parents, we would not be able to be in school right now; the semester would have had to end on April 18th.

This is a tangible reminder of how important donations are to the college, and how much we are indebted to our donors.

So yes, Linfield is an expensive school, but it also takes care to lower costs as much as it can for students and their parents.

The only way it can do that is if we have donor support. Phonathon is a way for students to reach out to the donors, not only to ask them to continue their support, but also to thank them.

Being a caller has given me the invaluable opportunity to personally thank our alumni, parents, and friends of the college who donate.

Knowing that they all have a hand in my education and my experience at Linfield is incredibly moving.

I want them to know, as I want you to know, just how much we rely on their support and are grateful to them for believing in us.


Kelsey Hatley ‘13

I put this under other, as it’s not purely a complaint or a correction that needs to be reprinted in a later edition by any means (as what I read appeared in the opinions section of the newspaper anyway), but can maybe just serve as a reminder (if anyone wants to take it) to make sure what is being said is actually true, and not merely exaggerated stories influenced by media overlooking the facts of the case.

(Just to reiterate, this comment is not meant to be taken as an insult or harsh criticism by any means)

In the opinions section on page 3 of the April issue, a student wrote an article that rose good points called “Be smart, don’t ruin things for others.”

Though I agree with what she said about underage drinking, her comments about the coffee lawsuit irked me a little, as it was a bit apparent there wasn’t research done about it beforehand.

In this case, McDonald’s was clearly at fault for the burns suffered by the 79-year-old lady as the store was repeatedly warned the temperature of their coffee was too hot (180-190 degrees) and did not comply with regulation.


Kadi White ‘13