January Term should offer more financial aid options

Linfield College has a wide range of students from various socio-economic backgrounds.

This can be looked at as a good thing, but also a bad thing. Due to Linfield’s increasing costs, the financial burden can be higher on some students than others.

Linfield’s financial aid department does a great job helping students find scholarships, grants and loans that every student can take advantage of.

This helps ease the financial burden and also lowers the economic divide to some extent.

However, there are other areas of campus that worsen the economic divide to an extreme extent. January Term is one example of a time where the campus is extremely economically divided.

There is no financial aid available for this term and can leave students at an extreme disadvantage.

There are many students who would like to be on campus during the month of January to take classes and get ahead in credits, but money often keeps them from being able to fulfil this desire.

The lack of financial aid for January Term does not help students get ahead and take classes because they cannot afford the costs.

There are many students who feel that January Term is meant for people who can spend the extra money. This does not help the school foster economic diversity.

There should be some sort of aid available for January Term.

There ought to be a way for the school to find donors to help aid students who wish to get ahead and take classes or study abroad during this optional term.

The situation can become worse because people who are not able to partake in January Term find themselves at home, usually struggling to find jobs.

There are few businesses that will hire someone for a month.

This further harms our system because now students cannot even work for a January Term to pay for the next year’s January Term.

The optional term continues to wreak havoc into the summer months.

Due to the month of school that Linfield students have off in the middle of the year, the school year ends at most a month later than schools who do not have the long break.

This continues to harm students’ chances of finding summer employment. By the time students return home from school, they find that a lot of the jobs have already been taken.

These last two points do not have much to do with Jan Term, specifically, but they do have a correlation. There are many students who wish for something to be done with Jan Term so they can be here to take classes.

Some have also said that if there can be no financial aid they would like the ability to get back home so that they can find easier summer employment.


Julian Adoff/Multimedia editor

Julian Adoff can be reached at linfieldreviewonline@gmail.com.