Daughter’s intense vocals captivate fans

Once you listen to Daughter’s, “If You Leave,” you’ll find it hard to believe that it’s only the band’s first, full-length album.

Though released earlier this year on March 18, the album was made available for purchase on iTunes on April 30.

Daughter is a London-based band consisting of lead vocalist Elena Tonra, guitarist Igor Haefel and percussionist Remi Aguilella. Tonra and Haefel first met as classmates while studying music in college. They set out to self-release two EPs with His Young Heart in 2011, and The Wild Youth with Aguilella later in the year.

Soon after, Daughter gained a loyal following that continues to welcome new fans from the public and media spectrum.

“If You Leave” is produced by Haefel, with assistance from Rodhaidh McDonald, who has also produced for Adele and another London-based band The xx.

Daughter’s “If You Leave” is a stunning debut from a band that has already found its identity. Daughter’s themes and lyricism are wise, daunting and haunting, as Tonra reflects upon personal demons and emotions.

“Winter” sets the dark and pensive tone of the album as Tonra confesses that “winter crushes all the things that I once had.”

Universal themes of love, heartbreak, doubt, isolation and anger will resonate with listeners as Tonra’s stripped and consoling vocals echoes these intense emotions.

Tonra elevates her emotions to the next level as she sings with honesty and bravery in “Youth.” She divulges that “we are setting our insides on fire for fun,” critiquing today’s youth and young love that inevitability crumbles.

Along with “Youth,” my favorites also include “Still,” which contemplates a failed relationship, and “Lifeforms,” a song which ponders the existence of life and its meaning that individuals leave behind.

Haefel and Aguilella’s instrumentation, along with their beautiful production, supports Tonra’s amazing and strong vocal abilities as she delivers her innermost thoughts. The strumming guitar and building drums balance the band’s lyrics regarding the darkness and beauty of reality.

Though some of the songs are repetitive in melody and rhythm, “If You Leave” is a gorgeous, and impressive, collection of songs that wonderfully weaves from one another to the next.

“If you leave when I go, you’ll find me in the shallows,” Tonra declares in “Shallows.” Enchanting, moody and melancholic, Daughter’s “Shallows” sets a dramatic tone for the band and album with this epic seven-minute song that demonstrates the band’s capabilities as artists.

Daughter will please fans of Florence and the Machine, Imogen Heap, The xx, Adele and Lana Del Rey. Particularly, Tonra’s voice sounds eerily similar to Florence Welch, whose vocals captivates listeners, as well as creates a sound that will enlighten and hurt the heart.

Daughter’s “If You Leave” is now available for download on iTunes. You can also check out “If You Leave” on KSLC 90.3 FM and listen online at www.linfield.edu/kslcfm or stream the station on iTunes.

Vanessa So

Assistant Music Director Vanessa So can be reached at KSLCmusic@gmail.com.