Cycling culture discussed at Bikelandia

Students discussed the culture and issues surrounding cycling May 16 at the Bike Co-op.

Junior Katherine Ann Takaoka has been involved with the Bike Co-op since it began, and is going to be next year’s manager.

There has been an increase in bikes on campus over the last few years and members of the Bike Co-op wanted to know how it can improve and what students wanted from it.

The Bike Co-op was an old storage unit that Greenfield affiliated members transformed into the Bike Co-op with the help of a grant from the Oregon Campus Compact.

Members of the Bike Co-op would like to have more discussions about biking as another form of transportation to cars and how we can make biking safer for people.

The cycling culture is also influencing fashion, especially in the ways in which pant legs get rolled up to prevent them from getting greasy or tangle up in the chains.

They also talked about how cycling can help promote the economy because if people bike, they are more inclined to spend more time in shops.

Members of the Bike Co-op would also like to create a better sense of community with bikes on campus, and they would like to help educate people about bikes, and how to fix them.

They are trying to increase the number of employees and help keep the co-op running more smoothly and more available to students with consistent hours.

The Bike Co-op has loaner bikes, where students and staff can rent for a week at a time. Members of the Bike Co-op are hoping to have bikes they can loan for an entire semester beginning in the fall. They are also hoping to be open for at least a few hours on the weekend as well as being more connected with the Associated Students of Linfield College.

Kiera Downs

Copy editor

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