Be presentable online, clean up your image

Many of our lives are clearly on display on the Internet, and with everyone’s eyes viewing our lives, many of us have some things to clean up.

Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter or a blog, this applies to everyone. It’s not only your friends and family who you have to worry about seeing what you post anymore.

We all must worry about future employers and other individuals who make crucial decisions for our futures.

One of the first things students should work to rid their social media and other Internet outlets of is drunk photos, stories and references.

While we are in college, it might be funny now to look back at last night’s photos, but employers and others might think that this is you every night.

Why give them the wrong impression?

It’s not that people shouldn’t have these photos or stories online, but you should limit those who can see them.

Make a personal album, where only you can see, and laugh about it with your friends later when you are together. This will make them private, but accessible.

The second thing everyone should fix throughout their Internet lives is bad grammar, spelling errors and hard to read sentences. It’s not like you need to go back and fix every little mistake on the Web page, just be diligent about future posts.

It looks really bad when someone views your social media outlets, and they are riddled with missing words, made up words and bad grammar. Just take a minute when you’re done typing whatever you are posting and read it again out loud. This makes it easier to find mistakes.

Finally, the third thing we should all aim to fix is the use of profanity and words that are substituted for profanity. I’m sure there is another way to express what you are feeling that doesn’t involve these words.

If not, it might be time to step back and look at why you are so angry or why you feel the need to use these words. Employers are not going to want to hire someone who swears like a sailor.

With all this in mind, nothing is more important than being yourself online. Avoiding fake-ness and ranting, it should be pretty easy to fix up your social media and make it presentable.

I like to live by the rule that if I wouldn’t show my 94-year-old great grandma, then something needs to change or be put under a private setting.

It is also important that you understand the privacy settings because sometimes things change and the things you were hiding before appear for the world to see.


Kaylyn Peterson/Copy chief

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