Yoga instructor brings new insight

Under the philosophy that anyone can do Yoga, the new yoga instructor begins to find her place at Linfield.

Erin Bowman took over the position as the yoga instructor beginning this spring term.

Bowman has developed her philosophy for yoga since she started teaching in 2008.

“I believe that yoga should be accessible to almost everyone,” Bowman said. “It really is something that is evolutionary for people who stick with it and find the right style for themselves.”

She has worked with people who have limited mobility and are in their 50’s and 60’s.

“I worked with people who are rediscovering their body, and that’s really exciting,” Bowman said.

Bowman has also worked with athletes who have other types of limitations.

Growing up in the small coastal town of Lincoln City, Ore., Bowman took her first yoga class at the community center pool while in high school.

“I was definitely the youngest person in the class,” Bowman said. “The class was taught on the concrete pool deck, and all these older people were doing headstands on the concrete. I figured that if they could do it, I could do it for sure. I quickly realized it was a lot harder than it looked.”

She initially started off attending Portland State University and later transferred to Oregon State University, where she continued to take yoga classes. It was also while she was at OSU that she met her husband.

During her time at OSU, Bowman became a buyer for a clothing store.

“It really took me off in another direction,” Bowman said. “It was really nice because I was a broke college student.”

When Bowman came to McMinnville, she opened and ran a clothing store for 15 years. But in 2003, she sold the store.

“[After selling my store], I went back home and had another baby,” Bowman said. “After that, I started to pursue my yoga teaching license, and I’ve been a teacher since 2008.”

Bowman lives in McMinnville with her husband and three daughters.

“I feel that not all types of sports are good for everybody, but yoga is truly one of them that can be good for anybody,” Bowman said. “It can really change your life and that’s what I love to see and be a part of.”

Kaylyn Peterson/Copy chief

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