Tuition Free Day coming to campus

Student Alumni Association (SAA) plans to call attention to the financial assistance given to students at Tuition Free Day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. April 18 in the Fred Meyer Lounge.

Students pay 86 percent of their tuition. The remainder is paid with donations. Each student receives about $7,000 in a “hidden scholarship” each year.

The date of Tuition Free Day coincided with the time of the year that donations start to pay students’ tuitions.

“To symbolize the gap in your tuition that you do not pay, we will have doughnut holes,” freshman Kathryn DeVore said.

SAA will aim to promote philanthropy by having a contest with clubs that attend the event. The club with the most members will get to choose a charity for SAA to donate $100 in its name.

During the event, Wildcat Productions will have a video booth for students to share the moment when they realized that Linfield was the right place for them. The video will then be sent to Linfield’s donors.

“Donors love hearing from students,” junior Mariah Torres said.

The Men’s Glee Club will be performing a song from Les Misérables during the event.


Julian Adoff/Multimedia editor

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