Tennis team slips against Missionaries in championships

In a 0-6 match, the Wildcats fell to the Whitman College Missionaries in the Northwest Conference, ending their season April 19.

“Even though we lost our last game, the team worked really hard, and we had a great time playing this season,” sophomore Katie Krieger said.

The Wildcats ended the season with an 8-10 record and a 7-5 record during the regular conference season.

Driving out to Walla Walla , Wash., was a bonding experience for the team’s last game.

“We have traveled as a group before,” Krieger said. “To California and Washington. Traveling during our last match was really nice though, we realized how close we had become as a team.”

The Missionaries were favored 16-3 going into the match, but the Wildcats finished strong, taking fourth in the Northwest Conference.

“I was so happy to be part of this team,” freshman Kelley Nemchick said. “I learned a lot and made a lot of new friends.”

Playing in the last game of her college career, senior Lexi Thomas reflected on her time playing for Linfield tennis.

“Having played for Linfield for three years and having great teammates along with great coaches, it will be strange not playing next year,” Thomas said.

Thomas has a record of 18 singles and 24 doubles wins during her time at Linfield.

“The score honestly didn’t show how well I played, which was disappointing,” Thomas said about her final match.

“I’m hoping that since I will be on campus for another year to finish my degree, that I can still possibly hit with my teammates and possibly help out as an assistant coach,” Thomas said. “I will miss my teammates and all the times we had when we were playing matches on the road, but they are memories that I will cherish.”


Olivia Marovich/Staff writer

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