Small crowd does not hinder Earth Week performance

Earth Week ended with veggie burgers and a concert. The concert included a performance by alumni Jesse Hughey and The Jackalope Saints.

The veggie burgers disappeared quickly, and soon after, so did the crowd. Only a few students stuck around to listen to the talented Hughey, who graduated from Linfield in 2010.

The show was supposed to start at 5 p.m., but it was pushed back in hopes of more people showing up. The event was supposed to take place outside, but uncertain weather conditions moved it to the Fred Meyer Lounge.

When Hughey finally took the stage, he spoke of living in Seattle and being an artist . He was happy to be back at Linfield with new material for the small crowd.

His songs were a mix of folk and country music.  Some of his songs would have been perfect to be the background music for a lone motorcycle rider, trying to find his way across America.

Hughey talked about his band and the music they are working on. He promoted their new album that will soon be released.  After his set, he ducked out before The Jackalope Saints set up its instruments.

“At first I was skeptical about the concert because I had never heard of him, but now I’m going to try to find his album,” junior Austin Denson said. “Students missed out on this event, big time.”

The five members of The Jackalope Saints played unusual instruments, such as the mandolin and the cello.. The members were lead singer Chad Wells,  bass guitarist GeeGee Bradley, guitarist Ron Tinkham, drummer Nathan Bush and guitarist Mitch.

The birthplace of the band was the back room of a grimy tattoo shop in East Dayton, Ohio. Its music is rock’n’roll with a folk twinge.

“They are transcending genres faster than they create them. I can’t wait to download their music,” senior Kole Kracaw said.

The band said that its musical influences range from Elvis Presley to Kiss.

It kept the crowd on its toes, even though it was a small one; the audience was still loud with applause.


Quinn Carlin/Staff writer

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