Psy generates confusion, not pop music hit

Kate Straube / Photo editor

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Just when we thought Psy’s reign over YouTube and pop culture would end, he released his second hit video “Gentlemen.”

This video is being called the sequel to “Gangnam Style” and features a brand new dance routine.  I was secretly hoping that he would become a one hit wonder and then pony dance off the music scene, but I guess my wish was not granted.

I can easily imagine why his new video got more than one million views in the first five days after it was uploaded. People were curious.

Is it possible for him to create another song of equal annoying-ness?  Well ladies and gentlemen, Psy just proved it is!

Let’s start with the music itself. The song sounds exactly the same.  It has the same beat, the same highly synthesized melody and follows the same structured formula.

I mean if you are into that kind of music, you can pay $1.29 on iTunes.  Lets be honest, Psy probably payed $1.29 million to get that ridiculous video produced.

Speaking of the video, it felt like my eyes were being assaulted by multiple squirrels on steroids.  There was too much going on at once. It became almost impossible for the viewer to even enter this “magical and fantastic” world that Psy was trying to create.

I understand the motive to create this space where people can just party and go crazy, but is there such a thing as going too hard?

Also, his videos just don’t make sense to me.  Half the time, I sit there wondering “what is going on?”

“Why are you dancing like that?”

“What is the point of all this nonsense?”

Eventually I just give up, and then feel the guilt of being one of the millions of views on YouTube that have made this video a worldwide sensation.

It is interesting to note though that Psy’s songs are not as popular in other countries.

Take South Korea for example.

You may find it hard to believe, but Psy’s video was banned by a South Korean TV Network for a “traffic cone violation.”  (Within the  first  minute  of  the video, Psy kicks over a traffic cone.)

Maybe the fact that we like this video reflects on us as a country.  We thrive on drama and the extreme.  Psy’s videos do just that.  They provide us with a fake world where we can get lost and input our own fantasy.

Despite how annoying his videos may be, they have certain elements that Americans eat up like McDonald’s cheese burgers.

Well done, Psy, well done.