Poor Internet connection continues around campus

An issue that has plagued me during my many study sessions in Jazzman’s is the quality of the Internet connection in Riley.

While in Jazzman’s, I constantly find that the Internet has connection issues and makes studying an issue.

I often wonder how our tech department works constantly on the Internet, yet we still have so many issues with it. I know it is something that confuses me, as well as my peers here at Linfield.

The issues are not only in Jazzman’s. There are parts of Renshaw Hall that do not have connection on a regular basis.  In this building, classes are regularly held so it is extremely concerning that inconsistent Internet occurs.

What if the Internet quit in the middle of a professor’s lecture?

They may no longer have access to the different online resources they need to finish the class as planned.

In addition, the older residence halls have such a slow Internet connection.

Someone who lives in Frerichs Hall told me that the Internet crashed, and it was not solved for some time.

From what I have gathered, it seems that ITS relies on complaints to fix the Internet.

Also, Jane Failing Hall has inconsistent Internet depending on what floor you are standing on, which way you are facing and the time of day.

We all know that around 10 p.m. the Internet is at its slowest as everyone around campus hops on Netflix or Hulu to get their regular intake of television online.

There is a real need for Internet on a college campus. We all have work that uses the Internet.

Rarely do assignments not require use of an online search engine, app or Linfield resource that is only found online.

The Internet is also important when it comes to research and the amount that professors and students rely on Blackboard for assignments.

Blackboard has become a staple in the classroom that needs to be easily accessible.

Often times people begin to panic when the Internet fails during important online activities, such as registering for classes.

Internet failures during this could result in a student not getting the required class he or she needs.

There needs to be a new system in place for maintenance of the Internet. The Internet needs to not only be fixed when people complain.

The school needs to always work on expanding the capabilities of our Internet connection.

This is another one of the times that many students feel Linfield is on the defensive when it comes to progress.

We need to focus more on expanding our technology and not “fixing” our outdated products.


Julian Adoff/Multimedia editor

Julian Adoff can be reached at linfieldreviewonline@gmail.com.