New sounds combine with the old

If music wasn’t already a hybrid of all different sounds, it especially can now be found by Lushlife’s newest mixtape, “Plateau Vision.”

With a psychedelic background, Lushlife combines sounds from the ’60s and 2000s to bring listeners an experience that has not been heard yet.

Lushlife incorporates guest artists to always keep listeners on their feet, wondering what crazy sounds this producer could come surprise people with.

“Plateau Vision” is a great example of what new hip-hop sounds like. By staying creative and using different eras of music for inspiration, Lushlife is only going to get better in the months to come.

Music website,, gave “Plateau Vision” a four out of five stars from people reviewing the album. This is a high rating for that website, which just shows that listeners are connecting to the crazy sounds.

Lushlife has been producing music and traveling in its native home of Philadelphia, while being able to record the entire time. This is a perfect example of how new hip-hop is evolving even on the road and across the country.

The first tract “Magnolia” captures the listener’s attention by showing its different and alternative rap sounds. This debut album is going to be a strong competitor in both the alternative and hip-hop genres of music.

What a great idea to combine two different genres to give listeners something new to hear that hasn’t been done before, which is exactly what Lushlife was going for when it was in production.

KSLC is about exploring new music, and this was not any different. Lushlife “Plateau Vision” is not for everyone, but for people, who appreciate raw hip-hop, should check it out.

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Hadyn Nason/KSLC General Manager

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