Linfield offers useful career opportunities

Few things are more intimidating than graduating and stepping out of the Linfield bubble. Thankfully, the Office of Career Development does a great job of preparing seniors and other students for life after college.

Recently, students have had many opportunities to explore career options, network and visit with Linfield alumni about careers. With events like Lunch On Us, job search seminars, career fairs and online career resources, students can be well prepared.

The most recent event was Life after Linfield. There seems to have been some misconceptions about what the event is though. It isn’t only a lecture about etiquette, rather it is an opportunity for seniors to network and ask alums questions.

An alumnus sits at a table with students, alums give speeches and then at the end everyone mingles. Only the first lecture includes etiquette tips. Professors also attend the events and act as servers for the tables.

“I would definitely consider this opportunity beneficial. It’s a great way to mingle with your senior class, chat with Linfield faculty and meet alumni from all around,” senior Emily Zegar said.

The alums come from all majors, interests and careers, yet all have one thing in common. They want to help inspire graduating seniors. Linfield graduates from Nike and The Oregonian were among some who were present.

“The alums are so encouraging, especially to some seniors who are unsure what they will be doing after graduation. It gives these seniors hope,” said Lisa Weidman, assistant professor of mass communication.

“The most important thing I learned was to measure your success in happiness, not money. And even if you have a job, it’s always important to network and create meaningful connections with people,” Zegar said.

Ultimately, Life after Linfield was a success in the eyes of those who attended.

For future seniors, remember to utilize these resources and understand that this opportunity isn’t just an etiquette lecture. There is more to the event that can help start careers and make lasting connections with alumni.

“I think the Career Development Department does an excellent job of hosting events for seniors geared toward networking. That being said, it is the job of the senior to take the initiative and meet with someone in the Career Development Department if they are seeking direction in their job search. They are a great resource to utilize,” Zegar said.

The Office of Career Development has customized assistance and many resources that can only be found at a smaller college, such as Linfield.

Take advantage of these opportunities and remember that they are available even after graduation.

“You don’t have to know what you want to do after college or what you need assistance with, they will help you,” Weidman said.



-The Review Editorial Board