Why do I donate to Linfield College?

I donate because I want others to have the opportunity to experience Linfield. The reason I was able to attend Linfield was because of scholarships, made possible by donations. I am so grateful to the donors whose generosity and commitment to quality liberal arts education made my four years at Linfield possible.

I started giving to Linfield the year I graduated — it was a small amount, something like $25. I know it wasn’t much, but I wanted to show my support. I have continued to donate, even while attending graduate school, because I believe in the mission of Linfield. I donate so future generations can believe in the mission too.

Morgan St. Jean

Class of 2009

Washington, DC

Choosing to attend Linfield College was the best decision I ever made. Now that I live in Washington, DC, I proudly wear my red and purple gear and tell everyone about my experience.

The cost of a great liberal arts education was not cheap—and tuition has continued to increase since I left. But giving back to a college that has given so much to you does not seem to me to be an issue related to your student loans or the length of time since you graduated.

I firmly believe every Linfield student and grad should donate to Linfield. It doesn’t matter if you give $5 or $50—whatever you can afford is the right amount.

I look forward to getting my annual call from a Phonathon student, learning about how they like Linfield and making my donation.

So why do I donate every year?

I donate because I believe the liberal arts curriculum and amazing professors taught me the skills I needed to go to grad school and get a job. I donate because I believe the experiences I had at Linfield through Alternative Spring Break and other clubs changed my life for the better. I donate because I believe a high-quality education is important and I want to help provide it for the next set of students.

Lizzie Martinez

Class of 2009

Washington, DC