Lacrosse opens opportunity for Wildcat

Some athletes may travel from state to state playing their sport. Senior Lynette Cole did much more than that as she traveled across the pond in 2011 to study abroad in the United Kingdom.

While in the U.K., Cole played lacrosse for Lancaster University.

“I wanted to play while I was abroad,” Cole said. “I would have played rugby if not for lacrosse, it just made sense.”

Playing for Lancaster University gave Cole the opportunity to work on her skills, as she was one of the top players for the team.

“I learned how to drive the ball,” Cole said. “I became more confident with the ball and the flow of the game came more naturally to me.”

Cole started playing lacrosse in college so the sport was fairly new to her, especially when she was abroad as a sophomore.

“The more contact with the stick you get makes you better,”  Cole said. “I came back as a whole new player.”

Cole said her lacrosse experience in the U.K. was great, but the best part was the social aspect of the sport.

“All my best friends [in the U.K.] played lacrosse,” Cole said.

The men and women’s lacrosse teams would hang out regularly and this is where they developed their friendships.

“The social aspect was the best part,” Cole said.

Cole proceeded to say that every student should study abroad and maximize their experience by participating in different activities.

“Everybody should study abroad,” Cole said. “[While abroad] don’t be afraid to join clubs or even sports.”

The Wildcats’ 2013 lacrosse season ended April 12. Cole concluded her college career by playing midfield for the team, starting every game.

Chris Haddeland/Senior reporter

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