Kemper Foundation announces Linfield scholar

Freshman Eric Lawson is now the fifth Linfield student to be named a Kemper Scholar in the past three years. He joins juniors Joe Gladow and Blake Densley, and sophomores Cody Purchase and Terran Sobel-Smith.

The Kemper Foundation announced this year’s Kemper Scholars on April 24.

Lawson and other freshmen applied during their first semester.

Each of the 16 Kemper Institutions forms a committee to look at the applications and provide the Kemper Foundation with three candidates for consideration. Linfield’s committee included staff, faculty and the past Kemper recipients.

Thomas Mertes, competitive scholarship advisor, commented on the importance of GPA in the decisions that the committee made.

“I think this is quite an important point for students to take away. Your GPA is an important yardstick for outside analysts to use in evaluating young scholars,” Mertes said.

Mertes also commented that Lawson had a well-rounded high school career and impressive first semester at Linfield.

Lawson is currently on the JV baseball team. He said that his experiences this year on the baseball team were central in his interview with Kemper president, Dr. Ryan LaHurd.

“We talked about how baseball players are a different type of athlete. We fail more than we succeed, but tomorrow is a new day,” Lawson said.

Lawson said that he learned from his brother that it is important for him to get out into the world earlier in college.

“I am going to get to follow his advice and get started. I am a little bit afraid, but I have been taught to embrace it. It is a good type of fear,” Lawson said.

Lawson will attend a national summer conference in Chicago this summer. He will hear about the internship experiences that past recipients had during the summer. Purchase, Sobel-Smith, Gladow and Densley will also attend the conference after the conclusion of their internships.

Julian Adoff/Multimedia editor

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