Guest pastor enlightens students about human conflict, social issues

In light of the recent devastation that rocked the United States last week, the Black Student Union’s guest pastor could not have come at a better time.

Pastor J.W. Matt Hennessee shared his views on the recent events and dealing with conflicts April 18 in the Pioneer Reading Room.

Hennessee is the senior pastor at Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church in Portland, Ore.

The Black Student Union donated $200 to Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church, which Hennessee announced would go into its scholarship program for high school students.

Before Hennessee gave his sermon, the church’s choir sang three songs. Students were on their feet, singing and clapping with the choir.

With attendance high, Hennessee thanked everyone for choosing to come to the event. His main focus was central to the tragedies in Boston and Waco, Texas.

“What is troubling as an American citizen, that these kind of terrorist acts take away one more part of our freedom, which is what makes us uniquely American,” Hennessee said.

With time for prayer, Hennessee was able to shed some light on the topic of human conflict.

“Everyone has conflict at some point in their life, it’s learning how to deal with it, that’s what I help with,” Hennessee said.

With the success of the event’s turnout, the Chaplains Team and the multicultural affairs office have discussed making plans for more trips to Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church during the school year.

Hennessee also received a “Got Love?” shirt from  BSU as  a gift.

Kaylyn Peterson/Copy chief

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