Donation requests annoy students, parents

The Review Editorial Board

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We all know that Linfield is an expensive school. Some people are paying for college themselves, while other people’s parents are footing the bill.

Paying for college can be challenging, and everyone definitely doesn’t want to be asked to give more money.

At a certain point, our wallets will run dry if we continue to be asked to donate even a little more.

This is especially true for parents.

They should not be asked to donate more money because they are already paying a lot of money for their child’s tuition.

So when Linfield representatives begin calling parents, it is understandable that students are expressing their annoyance.

One student said his parents were extremely upset when they were asked to donate money to Linfield only a few days after they sent in the tuition check.

The student continues to be annoyed because his parents have been called several times since.

We understand that Linfield thrives on and requires donations.

However, recent alumni, current students and their parents aren’t the appropriate people to ask.

It often irritates these individuals, which will ultimately lead them to never donate money even when they are older and have the means to do so.

We think that only alum who have been graduated for at least four years or more should be contacted for donations.

They are most likely to be reminiscent of their college years and have the money to actually donate. A recent college graduate definitely doesn’t have the money to donate to Linfield.

They typically are paying off student debt and trying to start careers so they can’t afford to donate the little money they do make.

In addition, there should be clearer guidelines on how to get off the call list.

An individual must specifically say “I want off the call list.”

Many parents and alumni are unaware of how to get off the call list, so perhaps if the person calling was clearer, people would be less annoyed by the caller asking for money.