Creativity creates opportunity for stress relief

 Kaylyn Peterson / Copy chief

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Remember when you were a little kid and the most stressful things in your life were coloring inside the lines and cleaning up any messes you made.

Being college students, we take on a lot more stress, but reverting back to those childhood tasks might be what relieves the stressful times coming up.

With the semester taking a turn toward a stressful dead end, there are some easy ways to back out without losing your head.

Students are beginning to stress about projects, papers and tests, but taking 15 minutes to let loose your creativity, could help you do better to think and stay relaxed during these stressful times.

The easiest and simplest way to release your creativity is to simply take a pen, pencil or whatever, and draw.

It doesn’t matter what you draw, or even if it’s good; all that matters is you are not thinking about whatever you were last working on for 15 minutes or so.

When time is short, or when your drawing skills really bother you, grab a coloring book from Dollar Tree, and color one picture.

Only one!

This allows you a creative outlet that requires little effort, without taking away too much time from all those important studies that you were worried about in the first place.

While letting your creativity flow during stressful school situations is useful now, it is not the only time you can use arts and crafts to unwind.

Stress is a part of our daily lives.

Whether it is caused by school, work, friends or family, crafting can give you time to think.

There are plenty of situations that may lead to anger and stress.

Angry crafting is one of the quickest ways to get control of emotions and can often result in some interesting artwork.

Before anyone says that this is only for the ladies, guys can be just as crafty as any woman.

Maybe it won’t be on paper or in a coloring book, but get hands on and make something.

Perhaps someone likes to whittle. Or maybe someone really enjoys photography. Go ahead and make something new that you could be proud of.

Any type of creative outlet will work perfectly!

It doesn’t even have to be practical, and you can throw it away later if you don’t like it.

While classes, such as biology, history and calculus can numb the brain after a while, crafting can refresh your thoughts and ideas, and might even get you a better grade due to new ideas.

Once you get the creative juices going, who knows how original your ideas may be.

Your professors would probably appreciate it.

Now I can’t say this will be particularly helpful for art majors, but maybe some creative writing will work for you.