Be smart, don’t ruin things for other people

There are many rules that restate common sense, because people don’t want to think about consequences to their actions, whether these consequences are major or minor.

Why is it that people think it is a good idea to do dumb things and ruin it for the rest of us?

So many people complain about the legal drinking age, but drink illegally anyway. Have you ever wondered why the drinking age is 21?

Maybe it is because so many young people choose to be irresponsible about it. They say they want to go out and have a good time, but what is good about getting so drunk so fast that you get sick, pass out and don’t remember anything?

What is it that people find so entertaining about trying to climb anything and everything?

Do they want to think they are Spiderman when they know they can’t stick to buildings and hang from bridges?

Or trees?

I like to climb trees, but other people don’t think, so they want to push the limits of how far up they can go or how much weight a branch can hold, then they fall and get hurt or die.

Since when has that been a good idea?


Did you know that there is a policy against climbing trees on campus? I didn’t, and I know a lot of other people didn’t. I can see why there is this policy.

It is to keep people safe and to prevent damage to the trees.

Have you thought about the fact that if enough people used their common sense and were safe and considerate about many things that we wouldn’t need all of these laws and policies?

Then people turn around and blame someone else for their own lack of common sense. If you order a hot coffee, you should expect it to be hot. So when you spill it, expect it to burn you.

One woman successfully sued McDonald’s because she burned herself after spilling the hot coffee she ordered.

People need to use their common sense and realize that excessive drinking can kill you, you can get hurt if you climb buildings and you shouldn’t blame your actions on everyone.

The people in our nation need to take responsibility for their actions and not be so sue happy.

They also need to realized that other people pay for their lack of common sense.


Kiera Downs/Copy editor

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