ASLC launches new student website

The Associated Students of Linfield College will soft launch a student activities website, Collegiate Link from company Campus Labs, branded for Linfield as The Den.

Dan Fergueson, director of college activities, and ASLC sought to find a program that they could use to increase club and organization participation.

“We have seen a trend over the last couple of years that club life hasn’t been as healthy and vibrant as it once was,” Fergueson said.

The ASLC Cabinet sat in on a presentation of the software. It was amazed at the variety of features that the software will allow.

Fergueson reported that the program will allow club leaders to reach out to club members, reserve spaces, look at their budget and many other things.

The hope of ASLC is that this will be another location for students to hear about events and become an active part of the Linfield community.

Individual students will be able to use The Den to track their involvement on campus by being on rosters for clubs and organizations. Being on a roster will allow a student to be in better communication with the leaders of the club.

Fergueson said he is looking forward to the potential for the program to be the catalyst for other departments to move online.

“The students are always at the front of technology. When they buy into a system like this, and get it off and running, it forces the other hand of other departments on campus to come along,” Fergueson said.

The Den is fully accessible now to students with a Catnet ID at

Fergueson did place a disclaimer on the product. He reported that the site is a formal college site, and there will be processes for clubs to become active on the site. They must also be sanctioned by the college to be on the site.


Julian Adoff/Multimedia editor

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