Students underestimate the importance of safety

Just more than a year ago, Linfield was struck by a string of crimes. A few backpacks were stolen, a student was mugged and another student was abducted, but luckily returned.

These incidents made campus have a sense of hyper-awareness. Everyone was watching out for each other, and campus grew stronger from it.

With time, students began to forget to look out for one another. As students continue to forget to be safe, the potential for calamities rises.

As a whole, the Linfield community often forgets that we are still a part of the rest of the world, where bad people do exist and disasters out of your control do happen. This is just a reminder to take care of one another.

You might not even realize that you and your friends aren’t doing a good enough job at keeping each other safe. Odds are, you have found yourself in an uncomfortable situation that could have been prevented.

For example, it is 1 a.m. after the library closed, you don’t know anyone else leaving the library and you live in Pioneer.

What do you do?

Most students don’t want to call and wake up their friend for a ride or call campus security because they’ve never done that before.

The fact is that this is an issue of safety. Campus is safe, don’t get me wrong, but random people do have the ability to walk around the campus whenever they want.

Swallow your pride and take that ride from CPS. Or call your friend for a ride; if they are a good one they will come. Don’t risk walking back across an empty campus alone late at night. It can give even the bravest students the goose bumps.

Many situations like this come up on a daily basis. When this happens, take a second to really think about your safety.

As children,we relied on our parents for everything, from fulfilling physiological needs to safety. As college students, we are finally responsible for our own decisions. But this responsibility shouldn’t stop at just yourself. It should include every other student on campus, whether they are your best friend or that quiet girl that sits in the back of your psychology class.

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, but it also isn’t that hard. Linfield prides itself as a tight-knit community where everyone cares and looks out for one another. Remember that motto.

Take care of one another as though we’re all siblings or close friends. Watching each other’s back is as simple as not letting your friend text while driving, walk home in the dark or leave with a random guy at a party.

Take every step possible to create and maintain a safe campus for your friends and yourself. Care for one another and make smart choices.

Linfield is a safe campus, in comparison to most colleges, so don’t be afraid. Instead, just be thoughtful of everyone’s safety.

Alyssa Townsend

Opinion editor

Alyssa Townsend can be reached at