Student attendance is lacking at events

Students need to take advantage of all that Linfield has to offer. Many different departments and programs at Linfield offer great sports, academic and cultural events that students can go to. Additionally, the Linfield Activities Board provides unique activities for students to experience.
However, we have noticed that some students aren’t attending these wonderful opportunities. We, as students, are paying a lot to go to Linfield, so don’t waste your money.
Go to a choir concert or professor’s lecture and you might just learn something new, find a newfound interest in a subject, meet new people or get a chance to network for your future career. These should be more than enough reasons to get up and do it.
For example, when a guest lecturer comes to Linfield, every student should take the chance to go. The lectures are usually late at night, which can be hard to schedule around, but if you can go you should. Some professors offer extra credit if the topic is relevant to class content.
These guest lecturers are usually leading experts in their field so there is a lot to learn from them. When Ice Auditorium is packed full of eager students, we are presenting Linfield in a good light.
Students should also attend these events in order to support their peers. Linfield is such a small campus, and we need to come together to show that we support programs from all departments.
Linfield prides itself on being a diverse and accepting college, yet low student attendance will ultimately prove otherwise to outsiders.
Go to a choir concert and you may find a new composer to listen to when you study. Go to a lacrosse game and you might just discover that your roommate is a lot fiercer on the field than you originally expected.
Go to a guest lecturer and discover that his company has summer internship opportunities.
Let us, as a group, make it a habit to attend these events to help make the Linfield community even tighter. This is the definition of school spirit so let’s show some.
There are only a few students who consistently attend these events. Here’s thanks to the loud and enthusiastic fans who cheer at the softball games and the avid live tweeters at Mark Potok’s lecture.
Let’s use these students as a high standard to hold ourselves too. Doing this will benefit you individually and the Linfield community as a whole.

The Review Editorial Board

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