Mass communication isn’t the only media major

Get involved in student media. I don’t mean go out and cause a ruckus, or get arrested and be in the news. No, I mean come join The Linfield Review or get involved with our radio station, KSLC, or make a video with Wildcat Productions.
Although this might sound like a way of increasing our numbers, it’s really for the benefit of the rest of the student body.
There’s only so much each media group can do, and there is only so much that we can cover. As of now, the three forms of Linfield media are dominated by mass communication majors. This is the first problem.
Student media needs business majors, art majors, history majors, English majors, biology majors—everyone is invited to this party.
As a student-run organization, the media groups’ targeted audience is the student body. They are aimed at writing, talking or filming about things the students want to hear about.
By involving students from different majors, student media can truly cover all aspects of Linfield outside of the classroom.
Another reason that students of other majors should join student media is purely for the experience.
Both the Review and KSLC have different areas where they need help. Let’s say you are a business major, you could help with advertising.
Or, if you are a philosophy major, you could write columns and share your thoughts. If you’re a theater major, you could do a dramatic reading on the radio. If you’re a music major, you can write music reviews for the newspaper. The possibilities are endless.
The third reason why other majors should work for student media is for the experience of attending events you never otherwise would have attended.
While I’ve been a part of student media, I have attended events about political science, anthropology, science and so much more.
Working for student media does not have to be stressful. It is a great way to get your thoughts out about everything happening on campus and to have the fullest college experience.
So, if you have things you want covered in the student media, or if you want something in student media to change, you can do it yourself.
Grab a pen and write down any ideas.
If it’s left up to the mass communication majors, something you want might be missed. Student media is the responsibility of the students.
Kaylyn Peterson
Copy chief
Kaylyn Peterson can be reached at

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  1. Septembre Russell // March 15, 2013 at 7:58 pm //

    Student media shouldn’t be viewed as the vehicle for Comm majors to get that good ol’ experience in. Student is the operative word in the term student-run.
    Way to be, y’all.

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