Justin Bieber seeks too much attention, again

During the past years, Tiwtter, Instagram and YouTube have exploded in the cyber world. People constantly post tweets about what they are eating, who they are hanging out with or photos of their cute puppy.
All of which, people seem to think that their peers actually care about.
Not only can you connect with your friends on these networking sites, you can also connect with celebrities.
Almost everyone I know follows the big ones: Barack Obama, Rihanna, Jenna Marbles and our good ole‘ pop start from Canada…Justin Bieber.
Even though I participate on such social networks, I try to stay clear of such people because, well, they drive me crazy.
Celebrities sometimes tend to turn into that one annoying friend from Facebook who either posts passive aggressive dramatic posts all the time or the one who feels the need to post everything about every minute of their day.
We all know who those people are and deep down inside we kind of hate them. Justin Bieber is one of these people.
Let’s start with his tweets. In case you did not know from his multiple posts, the Biebs turned 19 on March 3.
Let me just quote the man himself, “my birthday is on friday :)” and “My birthday is tomorrow.” Wow, look at him all grown up! So mature!
It’s too bad his tweets lack any amount of correct grammar or punctuation.
Also, what the hell do you expect me to do with a tweet like that?
Do you want me to send you a Lamborghini or something?
A Rolex?
Not going to happen…ever.
Next up is Instagram. We are a self-centered society so it surprises no one that Justin Bieber feels the need to constantly post pictures of himself making the exact same face.
We see his face plastered all across tabloids telling us whether he is dating Selena Gomez or Kim Kardashian. We don’t need to see your face anymore.
And a little tip, duck lips don’t look good on girls, and they don’t look good on you guys either.
Oh and also, stop trying to dress “fresh to death.” You look silly and you should consider pulling up your pants.
Justin Bieber’s annoying, constant need for attention has really brought me to my last nerve.
Just because you are a celebrity does not mean that you need to shove your life down our throats. People magazine already does that, thank you very much.
Just calm down a bit. Be the user you want to follow.

Kate Straube
Photo editor
Kate Straube can be reached at linfieldreviewphotos@gmail.com.

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