Garage band strives to compete in indie scene

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Empirates “Pretentiously Awesome” album cover

Seattle natives, Empirates, give a new name to garage rock. Making its way into the indie scene, Empirates released its second EP, “Provosaurus” earlier this year.Empirates first came together in 2009 where it started to establish its indie-rock feel. This four-person indie band recorded its first album in the living room of its engineer Randy Cordner, who has previously worked with members of Coldplay and The Used.

This EP contains six tracks with similar sounds. At times, the songs sound alike, giving the listener little variety. Compared to other indie-rock bands that have a similar feel, Empirates still has a lot of work and promotion to do.

The third track, “Shadows of Fall,” is the only song that sounds different than the others. It has a slower melody that incorporates electric guitar and strong vocals. There is a great guitar solo halfway through that shows how much talent and potential this garage band has and is not using.

This band seems to have all the right tools and talents, but for reasons that are unknown, it just doesn’t have the overall sounds to compete in the indie-rock scene. The songs have the same sounds, except for track three, and its lyrics are hard to understand.

Despite the similar sounds of the tracks, the title “Provosaurus” has a fun background to the inspiration of the name.

“’Provosaurus’ is a tribute to all the self-entitled musicians who felt that they were more important than anyone else in the area just because they were the ones who had been around the longest. They were dinosaurs, and their music had never evolved into anything great,” guitarist Travis White said.

The concept of the dinosaurs posed as an interesting theme for the album and made up for the lack of variation in the songs.

White also said that this EP was written out of frustration about the local indie scene. However, this EP does not add any depth or differentiation.

The Empirates website is currently not working so there is no way to learn or hear more of its music. It’s difficult to be a competing music artist with no working website and minuscule Facebook presence.

KSLC is about exploring new music, and this was not any different. Empirates’ “Provosaurus” is not for everyone, but people who appreciate raw, uncut garage bands should check them out.

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