’Cats complete season with 4-21 record

The men’s basketball team completed a rough season with a 4-21 overall record.

Seniors Dakotah Pine and Zach Meikle and sophomore Brandon Harris played their last career game against Whitman College on Feb. 16, losing 83-58. The three were honored at a ceremony prior to the game.

Throughout the game, the Wildcats struggled to keep up with the Missionaries. In the first two minutes, the Missionaries already had eight points on the board. The Wildcats continued to have turnovers, 11 in the first eight minutes of play.

Throughout the remainder of the game the Wildcats could not close the gap on the scoreboard.

Meikle had his season best with 18 points and Harris contributed with 10 to finish off his career.

The Wildcats struggled shooting wise during their game against Whitworth University, losing 86-53 and allowing the Pirates to claim their fourth straight conference title. Harris and junior Cory Hendryx were the Wildcats’ top scorers.

Senior guard Dakotah Pine tries to pass opponent during his last career game against Whitman on Feb. 16, losing 83-58. Pine averaged 1.2 points per game and 22 assists in the season. He was honored along with two other Wildcats at the pre-game ceremony.

Eight minutes into the game, the Pirates had the lead 13-0. Then Harris put on two points for the ‘Cats followed by sophomore Chris Dirks’ free throw and a three- pointer by junior Jake Hillyer.

With a 33.3 shooting percentage, the Wildcats could not keep up with the Pirates and allowed them to secure the lead. Throughout the end of the game, the Wildcats did not catch up with the Pirates, giving them the win.

Sophomore Tim Logan shined on the court during the Puget Sound University game Feb. 9, scoring 13 points and helping the Wildcats win 77-66.

The Wildcats continued to use substitutions throughout the first 10 minutes of the game, giving 10 different players time on the court.

During the remainder of the game, the Wildcats continued to fight against the Loggers and closed in the win, with various players adding to the scoreboard.

Sophomore Andrew Batiuk received Northwest Conference Honorable member for the second year. Batiuk has sat out the last seven games of the season due to injury. The sophomore is the top scorer and rebounder in the league.
Losing only three members, the men’s team will continue to build a strong line up.

“Our team had really high hopes coming into the season, and we started off the season with some really close loses, which is unfortunate,” Harris said. “But the great thing about our team was that no matter what happened, we never stopped competing and we fought every game.”

Ivanna Tucker
Sports editor

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