’90s influences San Franciscan rock band

cdreview03.03Rock group Disastroid crash onto the scene with its newest LP “Money and Guilt.”
The bay-area trio consists of Enver Koneya as the front man and guitarist, Travis Williams on bass and Braden McGraw on the drums.

The band has been touring the West Coast and the Pacific Northwest during the winter and new year.
Enver re-kindles memories of ‘90s grunge rock hailing from the Pacific Northwest with vocals that sound like Chris Cornell.

The Music features huge guitars and heavy bass, when the instrumental first track hits listeners liken the sound to cult hard rock favorite, Tool.
The lyrics tackle subjects like the hardness of life, struggle and as the title suggests, money and guilt.

The album is great reach back into history and puts a new spin on a lot of the grunge rock that stormed the world in the ‘90s. It has the musicianship and craft heard on albums by bands like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden but the loudness and static of Nirvana echoes through the guitars.
The pace of the music particularly in the choruses is what gives this sound a uniqueness, the pace is often break neck and helps move you away from being completely stuck in the ‘90s.

Fan’s of hard rock, alternative and indie rock alike would appreciate what “Money and Guilt” has to offer the listener.
If break neck, loud, hard rock isn’t your style, then stay away because this album has plenty on show.

The vocals are stunning on this album and tie it all together. Koneya breathes life into the songs with soaring notes that fan’s of Audio Slave and Soundgarden would recognize well.

Growing up in Seattle, I have become familiar with the grunge scene, and no matter how the rock music scene changes, you will always hear Nirvana coming across the radio waves. Disastroid captures the sound with an awesome power and shows what is so good about rock music now. The ability to learn from what was good in the past and rework it in the most interesting ways.

You will soon be able to hear Disastroids on the air on 90.3 KSLC FM or online at linfield.edu/kslcfm.

Tyler Sedlacek
KSLC Music Director

Tyler Sedlacek can be reached at
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