Editorial: Unique courses earn appreciation

January Term brought an abundance of unique classes to students here at Linfield.

Many students are now requesting more innovative class offering and hoping for the chance to learn in new, unconventional ways.

“The Art and Science of Brewing” taught by Brian Gilbert, associate professor of chemistry, is a chemistry course that focuses on the production and analysis of brewing beer.

“The greatest part of this class was that it was intended to inspire the students. Our professor set it up so we were exposed to not only the science aspect of brewing, but we learned about the art, culture and hard work that goes into the craft beer industry. We all walked away with a greater appreciation for quality in general and the hard work it takes to get there,” senior Libby Sturgess said.

When students signed up for the sociology class “Utopias and Dystopias,” they weren’t expecting to be taking a class on the zombie apocalypse. Luckily, everyone was pleasantly surprised.

Jeff Peterson, associate professor of sociology, gave students the unique chance to examine social issues like gender, race and socioeconomic inequality using zombies as a nonthreatening blank canvas to project society’s fears upon.

“I did prefer the unique subject matter to the more traditional kind because it allowed for us students to get more excited to learn about the material … because we get our fair share of traditional material throughout our fall and spring semesters,” junior Kyle Jones said.

These classes examined issues most classes would, but in a more stimulating and inventive way.

These innovative courses seemed to boost morale and increase student engagement in the classroom.

We applaud the professors who took a chance on a unique class and hope to see more in the future.

“I would like it if Linfield offered more unique classes because I believe it is beneficial to students because it allows us to become better-rounded through these unique courses and get out of our comfort zones,” Jones said. “More unique course offerings will lead to the excitement of students to learn and come to class, and that can only benefit Linfield in a positive way.”

Now, students are left wondering what exciting classes Linfield will offer next.

-The Review Editorial Board

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