Preview: Students plan for Linfield’s birthday

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is hosting a celebration for Linfield’s birthday with fun games, cake, raffles, scavenger hunts and a photo booth, among other attractions.

The SAA is a student run organization that promotes school pride and philanthropy.

The SAA’s mission is to foster a life-long relationship between students and the college.

This is the second “Happy Birthday Linfield” that SAA has held.

Linfield was chartered on Jan. 30, 1858, but SAA decided to celebrate Linfield’s 155 years of existence on Feb. 28. This date was chosen so that more students can participate in the celebration because there were not that many students on campus during January Term to share in the festivities.

The celebration this year will also include many more attractions that were absent at the 2012 celebration.

“[This year] we are branching out,” said Mariah Torres, co-chair of SAA.

For one, the event will house the second club fair.

There is a club fair during students’ first week on campus, and this celebration will allow students to reconnect with clubs and find new ones to become involved in.

“There will be many clubs. So, you can check out clubs that you have not checked out before,” said freshman Kathryn DeVore, co-chair of the SAA.

Another exciting addition to “Happy Birthday Linfield” will be the integration of a digital scavenger hunt with the help of the Linfield Archives.

The scavenger hunt will involve taking pictures of yourself at various locations around Linfield and uploading them to the SAA website.

“Happy Birthday Linfield” will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Feb. 28 in Riley Hall’s Fred Meyer Lounge.

Check your Linfield unit box for an invitation.

As an added bonus, the SAA will have a t-shirt giveaway at the beginning of the event.

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