A few weeks ago I was given The Linfield Review and asked to read the article from “Ask Bailey,” regarding anal sex

Later, I was asked to read another article from the same column about oral sex.

Well, I’m sure like many, I was shocked to say the least to find such topics in the school newspaper.

Then I thought, “Oh, I get it, I understand. Here’s how I bet it went with the author and editor.

‘Hey I know, I’ll write something just to see how far I can go or get away with.’”

Or, maybe the conversation went like this.

“’I’ll just push the envelope or see what kind of reaction there will be. And, furthermore, I can do it under freedom of speech or freedom of the press.’”

O.K. I get that. It worked.

But really, come on editor for allowing this in the school paper. Come on Bailey for writing this.

Do we really want something like this in The Linfield Review?

Is this really “journalism” at its finest?

I mean, come on people, is this something that alumni coming on campus for a football game or someone with their son or daughter coming here to look over the campus to possibly go here needs to see?

Shouldn’t this be on someone’s blog instead?

Or, just maybe, we should ask deeper questions like, “Why after sex do you still feel at times insecure or incomplete?” “Why do you still have a feeling of emptiness?”

Or, how about this one?

“If there is a God, what does He think about this behavior?”

Well, I’d better stop there. That would be a lot to think about under freedom of speech.

I couldn’t get away with that one for sure!

Come on editor! Come on Bailey! Is this really what we want in The Linfield Review?

This is our paper and a reflection of us both, past and present.

Linfield is a classy college.

Is this really what we want to show off to the community, alumni and staff?

Surely we can do better.

Let’s quit playing games with freedom of speech.

Linfield alumnus,

Dr. Dave Tillstrom

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