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New coaching staff leaves little time to recruit for women’s teams this spring

A whistle blows, and immediately, the yelling begins. Players run for the ball as other teammates shout commands and support. One player drops the ball and laughs, apologizing before picking it up with her lacrosse stick and continuing on with the scrimmage.

By just watching, one would never realize that Linfield’s women’s lacrosse team struggled for numbers this season. And its not the only team, either.

Linfield’s women’s golf team also struggled for players this season, and is barely scrapping by with a team of four, although it is technically a full team.

“We have enough to fill a team, but for the most part, we could use a couple more girls,” said Samantha Smith, the head coach of the women’s lacrosse team and Linfield alum.

Currently, women’s lacrosse has 14 players, but is hoping to get up to at least 16 or 17 to have more subs available.

Women’s golf is hoping to get up to about six or seven players next season.

The low numbers this year for both women’s golf and women’s lacrosse could be because of both the head coaches being new this year and not having enough time to recruit new members.

“It was tough for the women’s [golf] team because it had a coach step in partway through the season,” said Brynn Hurdus, the head coach of women’s golf and also Linfield alum.

Halfway through last season, the old women’s golf coach had to leave after saying he was too busy with work.

Another coach stepped in who had no previous experience coaching women’s golf, and Hurdus was hired in the summer. But it was too late, Hurdus said, and she couldn’t do any recruiting for this year’s team.

“I’ve talked to a lot of recruits, and it looks like we’ll have numbers back up for next year,” Hurdus said.

Smith has also been recruiting women through emailing previous players and other women on the team asking their friends to come out and play. So far, they were able to get three new players.

“It’s a huge relief,” Smith said. “Being a first-year coach, you don’t want to have to forfeit every game because you don’t have enough girls coming out.”

Samantha Sigler
News editor

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Linfield alumna undertakes head coach position for women’s lacrosse program

Linfield welcomed a new women’s lacrosse head coach and assistant coach this season.

Alum Samantha Smith, who graduated in 2009, will lead the way with her father, Joe Smith.

Because Samantha Smith used to play on Linfield’s women’s lacrosse, last year when coach Tim Hart stepped down from his position, he emailed her and recommended she apply for the opening. Hart was Samantha’s coach her senior year at Linfield.

“She fits in really well with our team,” sophomore Chas Tittle said. “Both of our new coaches are really great, and they make a good coaching pair.”

Samantha Smith was one of five applicants for the position, and as soon as she was hired, asked if she could choose her father as her own assistant coach.

“When I got this job, it was natural to say okay, he should be my defensive coach,” Samantha Smith said. “We’ve always had that lacrosse connection.”

At the time she was hired, Samantha Smith was coaching for the lacrosse team at Westview High School in Beaverton, Ore., and was upset when she had to quit to be able to coach at Linfield.

“It all worked out though,” Samantha Smith said.

Samantha Smith has been playing lacrosse since she was 12 years old. She started off playing on men’s lacrosse teams because there were no youth women’s lacrosse teams for her to join. Continuing on in high school, Samantha Smith played at Century High School on its JV team. When she transferred to Liberty High School, she started a lacrosse team there and convinced her father to become the head coach.

“He had never played a sport or coached a sport before lacrosse,” Samantha Smith said. “[But] he’s probably one of the best coaches I’ve ever had.”

During practices, Samantha Smith makes sure the players always have their sticks in hand, even during conditioning.

“The only thing I’ve ever really disliked about lacrosse is conditioning,” Samantha Smith said. “We don’t ever put the sticks down [or] run for the sake of running. Our conditioning is part of our scrimmaging.”

Outside of lacrosse, Samantha Smith is working at a special education preschool in Beaverton, Ore., as an assistant teacher. She also recently played on an indoor lacrosse co-ed team, and is planning on joining Portland’s OHANA lacrosse team once Linfield’s season is over.

“I thought I was going to miss playing, but I get out there as much as I can with the girls,” she said.
Samantha is also involved in other hobbies, such as bowling and relaxing with friends, but lacrosse is always a priority.

“Lacrosse kind of consumes my life in the best way possible,” she said. “Lacrosse is my job, hobby and passion.”

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News editor

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Samantha Smith, head lacrosse coach, makes the players keep their lacrosse sticks in their hands when working out.

Tyson Takeuchi/Senior photographer

Doucette receives athlete of the year honors at Oregon Sports Awards

She has the highest batting average, highest slugging percentage, highest on base percentage, has started the most games, holds the record for the most home runs and is tied for most games played among numerous other Linfield softball records. Can you guess which 2012 graduate holds these records? If you answered Staci Doucette, you were correct.

Linfield alum Staci Doucette was recognized for her outstanding accomplishments, while playing at Linfield College. She was awarded the Ad Rutchman Small-College Athlete of the Year Award on Feb. 10 at the Tiger Woods Center on the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Ore.

Keisha Gordon, a basketball player at George Fox University and Junia Limage, a runner at Concordia University were the other nominees for the female Athlete of the Year category.

Doucette knocked the other nominees out of the park as Jay Locey, former head coach of Linfield football (1996-2005) and current Oregon State University chief of staff, announced her as the winner.

“It was truly an honor to win the award, and to even be mentioned with some of the other nominees and award winners of the evening,” Doucette said.

She was a standout among the other athletes at the 61st Oregon Sports Award ceremony. Some of her career accolades include 73 home runs, 259 RBIs later and four-time All American.

She was happy to celebrate her accomplishments with her family at the Oregon Sports Awards. Softball has always been a big part of her life, and she has her parents to thank for that. Both of her parents played slow pitch when they were younger, so Doucette has been around the game since she was very little. Her parents rarely missed her games.
She is also grateful for the support she has received from her coaches and teammates through the years. Her coaches pushed her to think about her swing mechanics and game strategies.

“I’ve had some pretty amazing coaches, namely my summer ball coach, Tom Bequette,” she said. “Obviously, [Coach] Jackson was a huge influence, as well. Also, my Linfield teammates did a great job of pushing me, and the rest of the team, to work hard every single day.”

One of her greatest contributions to the Linfield softball program was her positive leadership. She led Catball to a second place finish at the National Tournament.

“The atmosphere of Linfield softball is amazing,” she said. “The Catball philosophy has always been to do things right, not only on the field but off of it as well. We have very high standards for ourselves, and we’re often our harshest critics. Seeing how hard everybody works every single day is pretty amazing.”

As Doucette has transitioned from a college athlete to a college graduate, she has continued to commit herself to Linfield softball. Since her move to McMinnville in December, she has been serving as the assistant coach for her former Catball teammates.

“I think softball will definitely always be apart of my life,” Doucette said. “I expect to coach for quite awhile. I’m definitely going to take some time off from playing for now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I pick it up again in a few years.”

Doucette feels honored to be apart of the Linfield softball tradition and is thankful for her family, coaches and teammates.

“I couldn’t have done any of this without my teammates, so thanks you guys.”

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Wildcats end preseason strong

Wildcat baseball completed its preseason with a 7-1 record, with its sole loss during the first game against La Verne.
The ‘Cats devoured Oregon Institute of Technology on Feb. 24, winning 11-0. Junior Zach Brandon pitched seven shutout innings, only allowing three hits and no walks.

Four Wildcats had multi-hitters, juniors Jake Wylie, Tim Wilson, sophomore Chance Laboda and senior Michael Hopp. Wylie scored three runs with a homer, double and single.

Sophomore catcher Chance Laboda attempts to hit the ball during the game against Oregon Institute of Technology, winning 10-0. Laboda went 2-3 for hitting and scored two runs for the Wildcats.

From the beginning, the Wildcats held a strong defense with the infield making solid catches. Wilson scored the first run of the game on Wylie’s double.

The Wildcats continued to score runs, with the Owls struggling to gain hits, and they had five errors throughout the game. The Owls remained scoreless at the end of the fifth, while the ‘Cats earned a large lead with five runs.
Five runs were made by the Wildcats in the seventh, securing their last pregame victory.

Two wins were gained during a doubleheader against Corban and Pacific on Feb. 23. Sophomore Chris Haddeland and senior Zach Manley started, with Haddeland earning his first season win and Manley gaining his second.

Five different Wildcats scored runs, allowing them to secure their win against Corban, with the score 5-2. Sophomore Joe Stevick came in and had two scoreless innings, earning his first save.

During the match against Pacific, the Boxers ended scoreless and only had three hits and one error. The Wildcats took the game, winning 4-0.

Sophomore Aaron Thomassen only allowed one run on three hits and five strikeouts during the game against Pacific Lutheran on Feb. 22. The Wildcats won 3-1. Junior Nate McClellan was a standout, with a double during the first and two RBI.

The Lutes’ pitcher struck out Wylie and left McClellan out on second after a double out. In the second, the Lutes scored the first run, but junior Clayton Truex scored the tying run with a fielder’s choice during the fifth. Sophomore Corey VanDomelan and Wilson both earned runs for the Wildcats in the last of the inning.

Both teams remained scoreless for the remainder of the game, securing another victory for the Wildcats.The ‘Cats end the trip with a 3-1 record in Arizona.

The Wildcats will play their next series against Pacific, beginning at 11 a.m. March 2 at the Roy Helser field.

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Photo by Ivanna Tucker

Funk band refreshes music scene

Made up of college kids who graduated with an appreciation of rock and punk, Guy Fox is a band of four Bates College graduates who then moved to San Francisco to produce their self-titled EP Guy Fox.

The unique thing about Guy Fox is that all four musicians sing on their tracks, even the drummer Peter Granquist. Even the story behind the name of the band is a story that Guy Fox tells at every performance.

Guy Fox was a 17th century assassin who tried to demolish the British Parliament. The band wanted to exhibit the same passion and drive as the legendary Guy Fox, thus the name of their passionate band.

The band reminds me a lot of a funk band I used to listen to back home call Mingo Fishtrap. Both bands incorporate a soul and electronic feel into their beats and rhythms. The college music grads were able to take everything they learned in their music program and bring it to life through funk sounds.

Rasputain’s Music and Artist of the Month by San Francisco Deli Magazine labeled Guy Fox Buzz Band of the Week.
Guy Fox has now sold out shows all of San Francisco as it continues to host guest appearances and go on radio talk shows all across the Bay Area.

The second song on Guy Fox’s self-named LP, “Live Forever,” gives a jazzier recap of what it could be like to go to sleep and never get to wake up.

It connects with the listeners on a deeper level, which I think has to do with its attention to detail and lyrics throughout the EP.

Guy Fox just released a brand new single called “San Francisco” on Feb. 19. The new single can be streamed online through its website and is definitely worth a listen. The new track brings a newer sound that leans toward a more soul-pop sound.

Listen for Guy Fox, an alternative modern-day funk that will make you want to dance, on KSLC. To hear more songs and to check them out for yourself you can go to KSLC and listen. We are now streaming online so go to our website and listen to the Best in the Northwest Student Station, KSLC 90.3 FM,

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