Women should participate in No Shave November

As everyone knows, November just ended, as did the infamous “No Shave November.” People from all around shaved their month-long hair growth in celebration of their achievements.

The point of this month is exactly what the name entails. People are supposed to avoid shaving for the entire month starting Nov. 1.

Men everywhere become excited that they can grow out their facial hair, some ending the month resembling gnomes, Santa Claus or like they just walked out of a Western movie.

Women also participate in this month-long holiday but are looked at with disgust for allowing unnecessary hair to build up on their bodies.

There should be no standard that women cannot participate in the festivities.

Disgust is shown when women decide not to shave mostly because there is a consensus that women should not have hair in certain areas. This idea has been spread throughout society without a true explanation of why it is not acceptable for women to participate in “No Shave November.”

Everyone has an equal right to take part in the holiday, and it seems that women are discouraged from it because the wool of hair that crops up is not the ideal image of a woman.

This is only one month of not shaving; it will not be permanent. What bad can hairy legs do besides disgust?

No Shave November came from a charity event called Movember that was a contest for people to grow their mustaches in awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancers.

The event spread throughout the world and now has become something that people look forward to.

Just as men are able to help spread awareness of  female-related cancers, women should be able to do the same.

It used to be acceptable for women to not shave, but since this image is typically not acceptable in our society, No Shave November is not usually a choice.

Many women still participate but usually do so in secret or do not publicly announce that they are. Women should walk around with pride with hairy legs and armpits and not be judged.

No Shave November is a fun way to show awareness during the month and doesn’t take much effort to participate.

If a man can grow out a thick mustache and beard and still be accepted, women should be able to do the same with the hair on their bodies.

Ivanna Tucker

Sports editor

Ivanna Tucker can be reached at linfieldreviewsports@gmail.com.

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