Linfield Gents Get Hairy for No Shave November

Wildcats put down their razors and faced displeased girlfriends and mothers for Movember: a month-long opportunity for gents (and even ladies) to show off their hairy potential while raising awareness for prostate cancer

Senior Dan Woolley




“No-Shave November is a great time for us all to come together and celebrate both the practical usefulness and aesthetic merits of facial hair. Without the fuzzy face-warmers we call beards, all of our winters would be a little bit colder and filled with a little less holiday cheer.”

Senior Clayton Treux





“It’s almost a sort of month long male bonding.

It doesn’t matter how ratty or good it looks, it’s just about hanging in there for a month and having fun with it.”


Senior Zach Manley







“I like that it’s a different look. Without a beard I look like an egg.”





Sophomore Cameron Bates






“It’s a right of passage.”




Junior Zach Brandon






“It’s something my friends and I have done for a couple of years, and it’s become a bit of a tradition. We try to come up with the craziest looks that we can.”


Freshman Travis McKenna







“If at least one person can be influenced or educated by Movember then it’s been a success.”




Chrissy Shane/Features editor

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