Wildcats lose final game of season, 4-3

Men’s soccer took a hard loss in its final game of the season against Willamette, losing 4-3.

In the 12th minute of the game, the Wildcats won a corner kick when freshman Domenico Del Prete‘s shot was knocked out of play.

The Bearcats came back with a corner shot of their own.

Sophomore Grant Loriaux made a save when a  Bearcats player tried to send in a shot.

Near the end of the first half, a Bearcats freshman forward snuck in a shot, closing the first half in the lead, 1-0.

Two minutes into the second half, another shot was attempted by the Bearcats but was blocked. They rebounded and sent in another shot, doubling their score.

The Wildcats came back into the match wanting possession.  Five minutes into the second half, Del Prete started a pass series with senior Tyler Sedlacek, who passed it to sophomore Jake Baker and made it back to Del Prete, who gave the Wildcats their first point of the game.

Del Prete gained possession of the ball again and the freshman tied the game for the ’Cats, 2-2.

The Bearcats continued to try to create scoring opportunities but were blocked off by the Wildcats’ back line. With 22 minutes left on the clock, the Bearcats made two back-to-back goals, doubling their lead 4-2.

Linfield fought back, with Del Prete shooting in point-blank range but being blocked. The forward rebounded the ball and scored with a rebound.

Throughout the remainder of the game, the Wildcats struggled to even out the match, with the Bearcats ultimately taking the win.

Loriaux made eight saves for the Wildcats.

Overall, this season the Wildcats finished with a record of 7-11-0, which is better than their 2011 record 2-14-1. Del Prete completed his first collegiate season as Linfield’s leading scorer.

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