Use your Thanksgiving break wisely

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s that time of year when we will be flooded with food, ads and family time. In the flurry of busyness, one might find themselves in a bit of a haze.

If during the break you forget everything else, the one thing everyone should be remember is that finals are fast approaching.

Now, I’m not saying study, study, study while you’re with your friends and family. Not at all.

You have been busy all semester learning and taking in what you need to know for finals. Now, just teach someone else about it.

Everyone already knows the first thing our family asks when they see you is, “How is school?”

Rather than say a boring one-word answer, actually talk to them. You have to know this stuff anyway. You might as well tell a few people about it.

This not only will help keep family in the loop of how you’re doing, but it also helps you study for your upcoming tests and papers.

But don’t stop there: make connections. If you have relatives who are your age and are in school, try to connect with things that you’ve learned recently. More than likely they have finals coming up too.

This makes it a little harder to put off studying, since the things you need to be studying will be part of the conversation.

This being said, the second thing to remember during break is to actually look at your books, notes or future assignments. If you don’t get something done during this week-long break, professors are probably going to be less lenient when it comes to grading it.

Don’t let procrastination get the best of you and put it off until the weekend before classes resume. If you do so, it will lead to a stressful end of the semester.

When it comes down to crunch time, preparing will help reduce the likeliness of you forgetting something important or not doing something, as well as you could have.

Make sure you are using this time off wisely, because unlike our public school counterparts, we get a whole week. While you are reuniting with friends and family, use this time to catch up or get ahead.

So while you’re remembering what you’re thankful for, you’ll be thankful you  used your time productively when it’s over.

Kaylyn Peterson

Copy chief

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