Students left with unfair sign-up times

Linfield offers an array of activities for students. But sometimes, students are left wanting more.

Linfield Activities Board (LAB) hosts many great off-campus activities for students to sign up for in the Campus Information Center (CIC).

There are limited spots for each event, and students often have to fight to get a spot.

This semester, moonlight kayaking, indoor rock climbing and horseback riding have been some of LAB’s most successful trips.

When the CIC opens at 10 a.m. on Tuesdays, the day’s new event sign-ups usually start. Students rush into the office to get one of the few spots on LAB-sponsored trips.

Since the outings are cheap, convenient, and fun, with unique opportunities like glass fusing, many people want to go, making it a highly competitive sign-up process.

Does this sign-up time not seem odd? Many students have class Tuesday mornings so they are not able to sign up for events. Students often run in between classes just in hopes of getting one of the highly desired spots.

However, events are often entirely full and a long waitlist starts to form within the first hour, leaving students disappointed.

Additionally, as of the beginning of this semester, people are no longer allowed to sign up a friend for an event.

Because of this, students who have class or work during the sign-up times are truly left with no options.

“It [the sign-up times] is inconvenient, and I do notice a lot of the same people signing up for things. It makes me wonder if that might actually be because they are some of the only ones that have an open schedule at the time the CIC registration opens up. So I do agree that it isn’t completely fair,” sophomore Cody Purchase said.

“A lot of the events are in high demand, so it does make it hard to participate when you come at lunch to find out you are on the waiting list yet again. I think registration should open at noon when a majority of students are not in class or will soon be out of class,” Purchase added.

Students should be offered equal opportunities to sign up for these activities. Everyone is paying the same student body fee, so it isn’t fair that the same people continually get to go to these trips just because the sign-up times don’t conflict with their schedule.

Different sign-up times, like during lunch or later in the evening, would help make the process easier and more fair so that everyone has an equal chance.

These events are opportunities for students to grow and take advantage of all Linfield and the surrounding area has to offer. It should be as easy and equal as possible for students to get involved.


-The Review Editorial Board

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