Students develop health, fitness program

 The Fundamentals of Exercise Physiologyclass hosted an open-house event showcasing a program called Fueling for Fitness, which encourages students to exercise and eat a healthy diet, on Nov. 14 in the Health, Human Performance and Athletics building.

Fundamentals of Exercise Physiology is a course necessary for students majoring in athletic training, physical education and nursing. Students in the class are required to create a project every year, but this year’s group decided to plan a project that connected to fellow Linfield students.

“It’s much more relevant to students on campus,” said Maddie Webb, who is an athletic training major.

During the open-house, the hosting students gave out free food from a cookbook they created. The cookbook is full of healthy recipes, and a free online edition can be found at

“It gives them easy recipes and shows them food can still taste good, even if it’s healthy,” Webb said.

Many students are not familiar with weight lifting equipment in the weight room. And with the recent addition of many new weight sets, students are given all the more reason to be hesitant about using them. This is why students in charge ofFueling Fitness decided to demonstrate how to properly operate the equipment available to all of the Linfield community.

“It’s a shame to see people not work out because they don’t know how to,” Webb said.

During the event, the Fueling Fitness organizers led interested individuals throughout the workout facilities, teaching them how to correctly use the weight sets.Students also created videos demonstrating how to use weight room equipment. To check out these videos, visit:

“Just to be able to work out and have some confidence, instead of feeling out of place when they go work out,” physical education major Tyler Steele, said about what he hopes students will get out of the demonstrations.

The open-house also offered free body composition tests, blood pressure tests, a raffle and a competition to see who had the strongest grip.

Fuel Fitness started as a class project to educate the Linfield community about safe gym exercises and healthy nutrition.The students in the class hope to havefinished their project making a positiveimpact on all who visited their event.

Carrie Skuzeski

Senior reporter


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