Poets showcase recent work to students

“Your father can barely hear, for your screams—you anarchist,” she said.

The audience responded with a roar of laughter, clearly pleased by the dark humor.

The Nicholson Library and Linfield English Department welcomed poets Stephanie Lenox and Chris Anderson to campus Nov. 8.

Both Lenox and Anderson showcased their most recent work.

Lenox, a Whitworth University alumna, read poems, such as, “This too be the Verse,” from her newest book, “Congress of Strange People.”

“Strangeness and different threads of strangeness is my theme,” Lenox said.

She views herself as an ordinary person who is attracted to the extraordinary.

“[In poetry], I want to relate to those people and see what we all have in common and band our strangeness,” she said.

Anderson took more of a religious approach to his art. He has been a Catholic deacon for more than 12 years and is a professor of English at Oregon State University.

His latest title, “The Next Thing Always,” consists of poems oriented around religious themes, such as forgiveness, trust and faith.

Lenox and Anderson also took the evening to introduce Oregon’s only cooperative publisher, Airlie Press.

The Press consists of members from all around the region who commit to a two-year term of work. During the term, they write, support and publish each other’s writings.

“It was lovely and interesting to see the different styles of poetry and cooperative publishing, which would be helpful to know later on the road,” junior Kyra Rickards said.

Anderson said his visit to Linfield was not only to discuss his book, but to also give students an experience of good poetry and rhythm.

“This showcased regional talent and allowed us to inquire face-to-face questions to the leading artistic minds in the area,” Andrea Snyder said.

More importantly, the event was an opportunity to listen and engage in local poetic flair.

Blanca Esquivel

For the Review

Stephanie Lenox reads some of her poetry from her new book “Congress of Strange People” in the Austin Reading Room at Nicholson Library on Nov. 8. Lenox was accompanied by Chris Anderson, who also read pieces of his poetry to the Linfield community.

Kate Straube/Photo editor

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