“Paranormal Activity 4” horrifies audience

My fellow Review staffer Kaylyn and I sat in the theater by ourselves, faces covered by our jackets, as we watched the horror unfold in the latest installment of “Paranormal Activity.”

The Paranormal franchise began in 2007 and has since gathered a large following. The movies deal with a family being terrorized by a supernatural presence.

For those of you who have been lucky enough to make it five years without seeing one of these movies, here is a quick rundown of the stories (without giving too much away, of course). The first movie deals with a couple, Katie and Micah, being haunted by an evil presence. In the second movie (a prequel to the first), we meet Kristi (Katie’s sister) and her family who are also being haunted by the presence.

The third movie (set when Katie and Kristi are kids) answers a lot of questions about the first two, namely why the two sisters have to deal with the evil spirit no matter where they go. In the latest movie, the same evil spirit begins to terrorize a new family after the neighbor’s son begins hanging around their property.

From my experience, the movies have gotten increasingly scarier. With each movie, the supernatural presence becomes much more hostile. What used to be just random bangs and weird sounds in the night has turned into creepy cats and pool cleaners, knives falling from the ceiling, humans being pulled into the basement by invisible spirits and kitchen cabinets and doors opening on their own, just to name a few things.

Each movie steps up the level of horror and torture that can be released on a human. In addition, each movie expands on the idea that supernatural occurrences don’t only happen at night. Not only that, but each movie advances in the way it records the paranormal activity. Simple home cameras on a tripod have transformed into smart phones and webcams used in the most normal locations imaginable.

As a general rule, the “Paranormal Activity” movies are really creepy. The idea of being haunted by something that is invisible and has complete control over you is out of my mind creepy. Also, it seems impossible to make a tree house, your own bedroom or your own house, for that matter, a scary place, but think again… these movies will make you paranoid.

Everything that once made you feel safe, forget it! “Paranormal Activity” will ruin it, just like your parents ruined Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. “Paranormal Activity” not only scares you in the theater but it also drives you mad once you leave.

I am not afraid to admit that each “Paranormal Activity” movies scares me more than the first and that’s what I love about them. I don’t go to see scary movies to laugh (even though the first one was kind of a joke), I go to feel like I am going to die (for lack of a better way to put it). It’s my form of bungee jumping or skydiving but with a guarantee that I will still be alive at the end.

Kate Straube

Photo editor

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