How to approach giving head to your man

“What is a good way to approach a blowjob?”

Oral sex has become more common in the past couple decades because it is a great way to spice up foreplay, and it can be a replacement for intercourse.

Performed on a man, oral sex is called fellatio. Most men love the idea of a wet tongue and mouth, and it requires less work on his part than intercourse.

It can be a quickie when there is little time, or it can be more intimate to increase the sexual sensation for both partners.

If you have inhibitions about giving fellatio, you should try to work through them prior to giving it. Because it is genital-to-face, it is a pretty intimate act. Talk about it with your partner. Find out if he wants to receive oral (if he hasn’t brought it up) and whether you want to perform it or not.

Some things you may not be able to figure out until you have some practice—like what he enjoys. Just like intercourse, it is different for everyone.

It should be enjoyable not only for him, but for you, as well. Think about the control you have of giving him pleasure. It can improve your confidence about giving oral. You need to be relaxed if you are going to do it.

If you are worried about cleanliness, do it after he takes a shower.

A lot of women will shave their pubic area so hair isn’t an issue during oral sex (called cunnilingus on women). There is no reason a man shouldn’t shave his pubic area if you have an issue or concerns about hair. Feel free to ask him to shave if he wants your mouth there.

If he lies on his back, it gives you more control. Begin with your hands to become more familiar with having your face near his pubic area. When you are comfortable, use your tongue on the tip or down the shaft. Move on to your mouth, using it on the tip of his penis.

Never use your teeth! Wet your lips and curl them around your teeth to prevent scraping and to make it easier to move your lips up and down.

Because everyone is different, you will have to discover what works for the both of you.

Aside from the basic up and down, you can vary your technique. Use your hands in addition to your mouth. You can deep-throat (breathe through your nose to prevent your gag reflex) and hum.

Have him tell you what he’s enjoying.

Getting yourself comfortable is the first step. After some practice, you’ll feel more confident.

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