Football team misses out on Thanksgiving Break

There is one more week until Thanksgiving Break.

Linfield football is 9-0.

Many Linfield students will be returning home next weekend.

Thanksgiving is approaching, which means it’s time for Americans to gorge on food, watch football, enjoy riveting family conversation (or suffer through family conversation. Yeah, suffering is definitely possible) and celebrate what is probably the most glorified holiday in America.

Almost every single student needs this week off like the New York Jets need at least one professional skilled player on their offense. The semester has drilled the students into the ground, and a large helping of turkey or tofurkey is the proper remedy.

Except there is a problem for the football team: it is 9-0.

Wait a second, why is being 9-0 a problem? With 26 conference wins in a row (one away from tying the school record) and a top five national ranking, and there is a problem?

Well, while most of the Linfield student body has a chance to go home for break, the football team still has work to do.

The football team will discover its playoff destiny by the time this issue of The Linfield Review is printed. But it would be surprising if it did not have a number one seed for the playoffs.

With an undefeated record and the fourth-best strength of schedule (according to the NCAA website), the only excuse for this team not to receive a number one seed would be if the bracket makers were replacement referees—I mean, bracket makers.

So, what can this football team reasonably expect as it begins its foray into the playoffs? Well, after the end of the regular season, senior quarterback Mickey Inns has an idea of where this team can go.

“The goal is always to go as far in playoffs as possible and get to the national championship, of course,” Inns said. “That’s why you come to Linfield: to win a national championship. But we are going to take it one game at a time.”

The national championship banners are looking a little bit lonely at the moment.

Sure, Linfield football is not lacking for banners; after all, it has four national titles in its history.

But a national championship would be something else, a cherry on top of a great season and senior class. Wait, should I say acorn instead of cherry? I mean, after all, the acorn means so much to our school logo, am I right? Solidarity!

This year’s senior class definitely has solidarity. It never lost a game to a conference opponent during its time here. Saturday was an emotional game for the seniors, but if they continue plowing through the competition, more home games could be in the offing. That would be ideal.

They might not get to have a normal Thanksgiving break like the rest of us, but they are clearly determined to make the most of that fact.

“It was pretty emotional for senior day,” Inns said. “We had to refocus and get our minds right for the game…and hopefully we will have many more home games before this season is over.”

Linfield students continue to amaze. The football team is no exception. It probably needs a break more than anyone, but it sure is showing no signs of it. And maybe by the time our next break rolls around, there will be a new banner hanging up next to the 2004 championship banner.

That would beat any amount of turkey.

Tyler Bradley

Sports columnist

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