Dutch Brothers tries to move 
closer to campus

The two brothers from Grants Pass were big dreamers with big follow-through. And it took their coffee business, Dutch Brothers, from a single push cart to a multi-million dollar West Coast network in just 20 years.

“There are now more than 200 locations on the West Coast,” said Rennika Doty, regional manager of the McMinnville shops. “And we continue to grow every day.”

There are two Dutch Brothers shops in McMinnville, one downtown on Baker Street and the other north on Highway 99W by Goodwill. And Doty confirmed a third is in the works.

“The rumors are true,” she said. “We hope to open a third location in McMinnville, which would be close to campus.

“We are trying to work out the contract. It is not a done deal yet.”

If all goes well, the new shop will be located on a vacant lot on Highway 99W. The lot is close to the Albertsons shopping center, which includes a Starbucks.

The expansion is welcome news to Dutch Brothers regular junior Kendra Howard.

“Going to Dutch Brothers is fun because it’s not like a normal coffee shop,” Howard said. “All the workers are so friendly, and the service is fast and really good. Having a Dutch closer to campus would be great, so I could walk there before class.”

Doty, a Linfield alum herself, said that she hopes that opening a shop near campus will spur the company to get more involved with the school. She said she is a big advocate for closer connections between the company and the colleges it serves.

“We donate a lot of money to Linfield, and we are always running specials for the students,” Doty said. “But I always think there is more that can be done, and hopefully moving closer will help that.”

Along with running student specials, Dutch Brothers hires a lot of students as baristas. Doty got her start working as a barista while she was still in school, and said she feels lucky going to a job that she loves.

She said working in the shops taught her more than just how to make coffee. It also taught her to cherish the relationships workers built with customers.

“It’s so easy to change someone’s whole day, or even week, by engaging in a short conversation and giving them some hope,” Doty said.

“Whether that is in a cup of coffee or a big smile.  It doesn’t take much to go out of your way. I truly believe we change lives.”

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