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Football team misses out on Thanksgiving Break

There is one more week until Thanksgiving Break.

Linfield football is 9-0.

Many Linfield students will be returning home next weekend.

Thanksgiving is approaching, which means it’s time for Americans to gorge on food, watch football, enjoy riveting family conversation (or suffer through family conversation. Yeah, suffering is definitely possible) and celebrate what is probably the most glorified holiday in America.

Almost every single student needs this week off like the New York Jets need at least one professional skilled player on their offense. The semester has drilled the students into the ground, and a large helping of turkey or tofurkey is the proper remedy.

Except there is a problem for the football team: it is 9-0.

Wait a second, why is being 9-0 a problem? With 26 conference wins in a row (one away from tying the school record) and a top five national ranking, and there is a problem?

Well, while most of the Linfield student body has a chance to go home for break, the football team still has work to do.

The football team will discover its playoff destiny by the time this issue of The Linfield Review is printed. But it would be surprising if it did not have a number one seed for the playoffs.

With an undefeated record and the fourth-best strength of schedule (according to the NCAA website), the only excuse for this team not to receive a number one seed would be if the bracket makers were replacement referees—I mean, bracket makers.

So, what can this football team reasonably expect as it begins its foray into the playoffs? Well, after the end of the regular season, senior quarterback Mickey Inns has an idea of where this team can go.

“The goal is always to go as far in playoffs as possible and get to the national championship, of course,” Inns said. “That’s why you come to Linfield: to win a national championship. But we are going to take it one game at a time.”

The national championship banners are looking a little bit lonely at the moment.

Sure, Linfield football is not lacking for banners; after all, it has four national titles in its history.

But a national championship would be something else, a cherry on top of a great season and senior class. Wait, should I say acorn instead of cherry? I mean, after all, the acorn means so much to our school logo, am I right? Solidarity!

This year’s senior class definitely has solidarity. It never lost a game to a conference opponent during its time here. Saturday was an emotional game for the seniors, but if they continue plowing through the competition, more home games could be in the offing. That would be ideal.

They might not get to have a normal Thanksgiving break like the rest of us, but they are clearly determined to make the most of that fact.

“It was pretty emotional for senior day,” Inns said. “We had to refocus and get our minds right for the game…and hopefully we will have many more home games before this season is over.”

Linfield students continue to amaze. The football team is no exception. It probably needs a break more than anyone, but it sure is showing no signs of it. And maybe by the time our next break rolls around, there will be a new banner hanging up next to the 2004 championship banner.

That would beat any amount of turkey.

Tyler Bradley

Sports columnist

Tyler Bradley can be reached at linfieldreviewsports@gmail.com.

Swim team introduces new talent to the pool

The men and women’s swim team is starting the season with new members, big goals and lots of yardage in the pool. The members look forward to getting to know each other better through team events and travel opportunities.

“At the beginning of the year, we go on a retreat to the Oregon coast, and all the old team members get to know the new team members,” sophomore Aidan Willers said. “A lot of team bonding takes place, and we leave with new friends and memories to last a life time.”

New swimmers on the team include freshmen Andrew Neilsen, Ian White, Jade Boyd, Caitlynn Duffner, Nikki Overton, Liz Fry, Ally Ortner, Caitlynn Fahlgren, freshman transfer Alec Greenaway and junior Daniel Palacios.

“We always have new talents, and this year we have spunky, enthusiastic freshmen. They are great at competing in the pool and at laughing after practice, and I have enjoyed getting to know them and train beside them,” senior Rhiannon Ladwig said. “These freshmen have brought a fresh perspective to our team’s training habits and competition level that I have not seen in my four years.”

“Ian White, on the men’s team, and Nikki Overton, on the women’s team, will be great additions to our team this year. They’re both very fast, and we’re excited to see what they can do for us,” sophomore Ian Coker said. “All our new additions to the team are great additions, and in a sport like swimming where it’s so easy to get lost inside your own head, it’s really nice to have teammates who are there to pick you up when you get down. We’re lucky as a team to have them.”

The team wants to finish in the top three or four at conference.

“Last year we swam pretty well, but I think this year we have a little more talent and some more continuity so we definitely have the potential to place higher as a team,” Coker said. “I think we’d also like to win a few more dual meets. We were pretty close to beating Pacific last year and we’d like to see if we could win a few more.”

Other goals include developing a more tightly knit and cohesive team. Willers said he especially wants everyone to feel included and important to the team.

Ladwig and senior Katie Main want to enjoy their last season encouraging the team both in and out of the pool and training harder than ever. Main believes the potential is there for winning conference.

“We are preparing for upcoming meets by training hard and setting a high bar for ourselves. The coaches have been strong in training our team, and we are doing more cross-training, which will help us become better athletes and help in the pool,” Ladwig said.

The team has done a few test sets, getting ready to swim at upcoming meets. The first meets will be Oct. 27 and 28 in Forest Grove, Ore., and Portland, as it starts off the Northwest Conference.


Kelsey Sutton/ Managing editor


Kelsey Sutton can be reached at linfieldreviewmanaging@gmail.com.

Swim teams fall behind one stroke at home despite efforts

The Wildcat men’s and women’s swim teams competed in two swim meets Nov. 9 and 10 at home.

Facing off with the University of Puget Sound on Nov. 10, the Wildcats started the meet with the women’s 400-yard medley relay. Linfield finished second with a time of 4:18.62. The men’s team also placed second in the same event with a time of 3:45.86.

Freshman Nikki Overton pulled into second place in the 200-yard freestyle and was out-touched by less than half a second with a time of 2:01.5. Following closely behind Overton was senior Megan Sandall, who finished the race in 2:06.00.

In the men’s 200-yard freestyle, freshman Ian White placed second, finishing the race in 1:51.98.

Sophomore Tori Nickerson pulled ahead in the women’s 200-yard individual medley, finishing first with a time of 2:21.08.

Earning another win for the Wildcats was junior Lee Rivers in the men’s 200-yard individual medley, who finished the race in 2:03.25.

Overton also placed first in the 100-yard freestyle with a time of 56.83 seconds.

Sandall pulled ahead by eight seconds to gain the lead, earning first place with a time of 5:35.88.

Also placing first for his event was sophomore Chris Purdy, winning the 200-yard breaststroke with a time of 2:26.36.

Overton, Sandall, sophomore Kelcie Kimura and freshman Elizabeth Fry were a part of the winning women’s 400-yard freestyle relay, finishing almost 15 seconds ahead of UPS, with a time of 3:45.69.

Despite the persistent effort of the Wildcats, the Loggers won the meet.

In the previous meet on Nov. 9, the Wildcats competed against Pacific Lutheran University.

One major win for the Wildcats included the women’s 200-yard medley relay, which out-touched the Lutes lead team by two tenths of a second.

Sandall was also tied for first in the women’s 50-yard freestyle with PLU’s Toni Castillo.

Sophomore Kelcie Kimura also earned first place in the women’s 100-yard freestyle with a time of 54.35 seconds.

Rivers placed first in the men’s 500-yard freestyle, finishing the race in 5:05.33.

Also placing in first was sophomore Brandi
Halemano in the women’s 100-yard breaststroke, finishing the race in 1:12.00.

Even though the Wildcats earned first place in several events, the Lutes pulled ahead and won the meet.

Despite challenges, the Wildcats have been working hard to improve.

“The past two or three weeks for us have been very active,” Rivers said. “We had the all-conference relay and sprint meets two weekends ago at Pacific and Lewis and Clark, then Whitman and Whitworth, and now PLU and UPS, training hard the whole time.

“The team has also been sick, but everybody has worked through it, we even got some people back in the pool who have been out sick or injured,” Rivers said.

“We’ve shown a lot of team chemistry and resilience on a number of issues lately. We’re strong.”

The team as a whole is working toward new goals every meet.

“We always have our scholastic goals in mind, but mainly [our goal is] to work as hard as we can to make sure we preform well individually and as a team at conference,” Rivers said.

Kaylyn Peterson

Copy chief

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Kate Straube/Photo editor


Sophomore Ryan Thompson competed in the 200-yard breaststroke during the meet against University of Puget Sound on Nov. 10. Thompson placed fifth in this event, with sophomore Chris Purdy taking the first place spot.

Swim team plunges head first into season

It was a strong weekend of competition for the Linfield swim teams. They competed in a Pentathalon on Oct. 27 at Pacific University and a relay meet Oct. 28 at Lewis and Clark College.

Freshman swimmers stepped up to compete during the meets. Ian White, Nikki Overton and Liz Fry were just some of the young swimmers that stood out this past weekend.

Senior Sean Iwamasa was also a strong contender for the Wildcats.

“Sean is a sprinter,” sophomore AJ Wagoner said. “It definitely showed during Saturday’s sprint meet.”

The Wildcats made a strong appearance during their first preseason meet.

“We showed promise and potential for our first meet,” Wagoner said. “Unfortunately we were still dominated by powerhouses Whitman and Whitworth.”

Sarah Mason

Staff writer


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Swim team collects multiple top finishes at meets

The Linfield swim team struggled to keep up with Whitman College and Whitworth University at meets on Nov. 2 and 3 in Walla Walla and Spokane, Wash.

Although the race times were close, Linfield’s men and women were edged out by Whitman, with final scores of 127-78 for the women, 14-62 for the men.

Placing first in four of the 22 events, the Wildcats swam hard to land close behind in many of the races.

Freshman Nikki Overton finished the 1,650-yard women’s freestyle in first with a time of 19:02. Sophomore Aidan Willers swam to first in the 1,650-yard men’s freestyle, clocking 18:58.

Sophomore Kelcie Kimura led the way with two wins. She finished first in the 200-yard women’s freestyle with a time of 2:01 and won the 100-yard women’s freestyle at 55.11.

Other Wildcats who swam fast and placed high include senior Megan Sandall, who placed second in the 50-yard women’s freestyle with a time of 26.28. She finished second in the 100-yard women’s freestyle at 57.40.

Junior Lee Rivers finished second in the 400-yard men’s IM at 4:29.

Junior transfer Daniel Pallacios finished third in both the 50-yard freestyle and the 100-yard freestyle with times of 24.11 and 52.06, respectively.

In the 100-yard women’s butterfly, senior Catherine Nakamura placed second at 1:04. For the men, senior Sean Iwamasa finished the race in second at 56.28.

Despite the close loss on Nov. 2, Willers said the team kept the positive energy coming.

“I think both days we swam really well. I saw lots of my teammates getting best times and putting in a great effort,” he said. “People were cheering for each other and providing encouragement for each other.”

Exhaustion from the day before proved to be a challenge for the swimmers in their meet against Whitworth on Nov. 3.

Whitworth dominated the results with final scores of 152-53 for the women and 172-32 for the men.

“Saturday was tough, being tired from Friday, but we still had some decent races,” Willers said.

Overton finished second with a time of 2:02 in the 200-yard women’s freestyle.

Kimura finished first in the 50-yard women’s freestyle at 25.54.

For the men, freshman Ian White swam to third with a time of 23.05.

Rivers clocked in at 2:04 to place third in the 200-yard men’s IM.

Senior Katie Main finished in second in the 200-yard women’s butterfly with a time of 2:17.

“[Whitman and Whitworth] are strong, resilient and fast. They have some good kids on their side and they put up a good fight,” Willers said.

For many swimmers on the team, maintaining technique and speed while tired is one of the biggest challenges. This especially can be said for those who swim the 160-yard race, which consists of 66 laps.

“Some of us need to focus on getting our technique correct when we tire out,” Willers said. “As a distance swimmer, I understand this completely. It is so hard to do simple things 40 laps into your 1,650. Every little detail becomes a struggle.”

The Wildcats will swim again Nov. 9 and 10 against Pacific Lutheran University and Puget Sound University, this time at their home pool.

Kelsey Sutton

Managing editor

Kelsey Sutton can be reached at linfieldreviewmanaging@gmail.com.