Twitter dos and don’ts will keep followers happy

In today’s ever-evolving technological universe, it is incredibly easy to forget that some thought should actually go into what you tweet about.

This may sound harsh, but social networks are a place to connect with family, friends and organizations, not a place to divulge your deepest, darkest emotions.

This, along with a few other habits, can get annoying fast, so if you don’t want to end up with no followers, I recommend following these dos and don’ts.

Yes, quoting an inspirational song or athlete is really great, but only in moderation.

I go onto Twitter to hear the interesting things my friends think as individuals, not read the same sad country music lyrics over and over.

If you are re-tweeting a generic unknown page called @sassygirlswithhair or @sadcountrylyrics more than once a month, you need to instead step up to the plate and come up with some more original tweets.

In addition, excessive hashtagging is pointless.

One or two hashtags per tweet is acceptable; any more, and your tweet will most likely be ignored by your followers.

It is important to remember hashtags are used to connect people with similar interests.

If you’re one of those tweeters that does follow Friday, subtweets, or begs for re-tweets, then you are also committing a Twitter crime.

You don’t want to be needy in real life so don’t be needy on the web. If you have to beg for a re-tweet, then it obviously wasn’t funny or interesting enough to deserve one in the first place.

Being needy via Twitter also becomes apparent when a person continuously follows and unfollows you until you decide to follow him or her back.

If a person doesn’t follow you back, then you shouldn’t try to force them to by following and unfollowing repeatedly.

The most obvious thing to remember is that Twitter is not your diary. You may have heard this a lot, but still there are some people still breaking this crucial rule.

Lastly, don’t be stingy with your favorites on Twitter. I think it is nice to favorite someone’s tweet even if you don’t know the person that well. Show some love and favorite more tweets.

That is what social networking is about; interacting with people and sharing creativity.

Just remember that everyone is on Twitter these days. Future spouses, employers and friends may one day use your Twitter feed to judge you before they even know you.

Hopefully, if you remember some of this advice, you’ll end up with a booming amount of followers.

Alyssa Townsend

Opinion editor

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