The Internet isn’t helping you with mid-terms

It’s October, can you believe it? Not only that, but we’ve all been in school for nine weeks.

This means mid-terms are upon us.  Though some students had mid-terms last week or might not even have them until next week, we need to be ready.

The second half of the semester is the time when assignments and tests are going to start piling up.

But whatever you do, don’t let time get away from you. Time management is crucial at this point in the semester.

With this being said, websites, such as Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Tumblr are some of the worst things to get sidetracked by.

You know those moments when you’re in the library and you “reward” yourself with five minutes of Facebook since you finished a page of homework. And then suddenly, an hour has passed, and you’re still on Facebook.

In this day and age, the Internet is one of our generation’s biggest distractions. It makes time management just about impossible.

While there are ways for you stay away from the Internet, none are more effective than shutting down the Internet all together.

But since we’re college students, this isn’t a logical request to fulfill. But you can cut this step in half, and make the distracting part of the Internet go away.

With the technology available today, there are now applications for computers that can select certain websites and block them for a specified amount of time.

Now, one might think that if you close out of the application, it will shut down the program, allowing you access to all your favorite distractions. Wrong.

These new applications are made with a system that doesn’t allow you to access any of the websites you blocked until the time is up.

Shutting off your computer, restarting it or even deleting the applications will do nothing toward the cause of recovering your favorite distractions.

Only time will free them up again.

While these are great applications, it takes initiative to put all of your favorite distracting websites on the block list.

By choosing not to put all of them on the block list, you will just be tempted to waste precious study time on that website.

While this is a great idea, realize it is entirely up to you about what you do with your time. But I know I for one will be blocking Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

Just remember, we only have six weeks before finals and we are in the middle of mid-terms, so use your time wisely. Your grade might just depend on it.

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