Students need to balance college stress, value health

Suddenly, we’re all forced to roll out of bed much too early and to stay awake in class.

Moments of stress seem to be waiting around every corner. A lack of free time and options often results in unhealthy food choices and not enough exercise.

It seems that no one has time do anything but their tasks and responsibilities. As the warm weather fades and the leaves start to fall, it appears that students let their health deteriorate as well.

The culprit is attending college, and usually the number of extra-curricular activities that go along with it.

Of course college is a lot of fun, but it demands a lot from a person. And I think it’s well understood that sacrifices must be made to meet those demands. Students have to strain their mental, emotional, physical and even social health in order to be successful at times. I cannot help but wonder just how far we should all push ourselves to achieve goals and good grades while also trying to keep our sanity.

Maybe it’s because college is the first time we are all set out on our own away from our parents and we are forced to think for ourselves.

Or perhaps, it’s because we struggle to bend our minds around difficult concepts and struggle through endless hours of studying. But I know a lot people in college that struggle with health issues.

It just seems ironic that college is an essential part of preparing us for the future and is what we’re “supposed” to be doing, when it can often cause anxiety.

The stress to stay on top of responsibilities can be so draining that it starts to wear on our health. Whether stress is produced from classes, athletic teams, clubs, work or any other commitment, it seems to have the same effect on us all: a negative one.

It doesn’t take long for harmful side effects of stress like headaches, weight gain and trouble sleeping to kick in. Being stressed out doesn’t make anyone happy.

I’ve noticed that students do not get enough sleep because of long hours of studying and working, and compensate for it by consuming loads of caffeine.

Poor eating routines, unhealthy food choices and late night Muchas runs never equate to a healthy body. We won’t even get into the amounts of alcohol being consumed by a number of college students. The dreaded freshman 15 is all too familiar as well.

I am aware that not every Linfield student follows an unhealthy lifestyle, and not everyone gets stressed out. Yet I think health is something college students should hold to a higher standard.

Lowering your stress level and maintaining a strong body will only help you manage your classes and have more fun. I think every Linfield student has to keep a fair balance between working hard and having free time.

As we progress into our school year, I hope we keep in mind to take care of ourselves. And remember to eat our veggies.

Carrie Skuzeski

Senior reporter

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