Student safety questions on fire

After the campus-wide fire drills, some students have been questioning whether Linfield’s emergency precautions are up-to-date.

Some students heard that 77 expired fire extinguishers were found across campus this year, especially in the Hewlett-Packard apartments.

Students should be informed on these types of issues dealing with their safety. While the fire drills do provide some preparation and practice for potential emergencies, we question if that is enough.

Now that the information about the expired extinguishers is known, it is even more crucial to learn more about the implemented safety practices here at Linfield.

“Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is responsible for these inspections [of fire extinguishers]. CPS Officers also verify fire extinguisher availability every time they enter a building. This is typically several times a day,” said Rebecca Wale, interim director of College Public Safety and Environmental Health.

While EHS and CPS manage more than 600 fire extinguishers, individual fire extinguishers in each Hewlett-Packard apartment will no longer be available.

In fact, these expired extinguishers will soon be removed. The Environmental Health and Safety Office and facilities will be removing any fire extinguishers that are present inside the Hewlett-Packard apartments. This project will take about a week, starting Oct. 5.

A larger fire extinguisher outside of the apartments will now replace the individual extinguishers in each apartment.

“The fire extinguishers located outside of the doors to the apartments exceed the fire code requirements. They are easy to find and are easily maintained. They are larger and safer,” Wale said.

However, we at the Review think that it definitely seems safer to have a fire extinguisher accessible inside each apartment.

Are extinguishers outside of the apartment as easy to access in an emergency as ones inside the apartment?

What if a fire starts inside the apartment and the door becomes inaccessible?

These are just some questions we recommend everyone at Linfield think about.

After learning more about some of the challenges that arise when it comes to student safety, it is important to be educated on these issues.

To learn more about protocol, Wale suggests reading the Safety Security and Fire Report for 2011, which is available on the CPS website.


-The Review Editorial Board

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