Snooki’s pregnancy makes MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’ more crude

Big poufs, tanning, working out and clubbing are the factors that constantly draw in millions every Thursday to the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore.” The show follows a group of people who live in a house together during the summer in New Jersey.

Each week, new drama is presented, which typically leads to fights and excessive drinking. I would proudly admit that I am one of those viewers who eagerly waits for each new episode to come on.

The show is entertaining and is just full of nonsense that makes viewers fall into a false reality.

The new season premiered Oct. 4, featuring a pregnant Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Snooki is widely known for her crazy antics and drunken public appearances on the show. Recently, the reality star had her first child.

Snooki filmed the episodes from this season while still pregnant. MTV should have thought about this decision before signing the contract.

By having her remain on the show, many may lose respect for the network and question the ideals it displays.

The Jersey Shore is not a proper place for a pregnant woman to be gallivanting around, especially the Jersey Shore house that Snooki and the rest of the cast stay in.

The majority of the show revolves around drinking, partying and drama. MTV is not sending the right message when they place a pregnant Snooki in that kind of environment.

Today’s generation is already facing problems that our parents never had to deal with.

Displaying a pregnant woman partying and living it up in an unstable environment is not a wise choice for MTV.

On the “Jersey Shore” official Facebook page, it teases the new season as having “Preggo Snooks, stripping Sitch and so much more.” This statement makes many eager to watch the show, just to see what happens.

According to MTV News, Snooki has decided to move out of the house due to wanting to focus on motherhood.

It is understandable why the network wanted to keep Snooki on the show due to her high ratings. However, this move does not help the network as a whole because it hurts its morality.

The shows “Teen Mom” and “Sixteen & Pregnant” emphasize how important it is to focus on being a responsible mother.

Placing Snooki into the Shore house breaks all the image control that MTV has been working on through these shows.

This upcoming season of “Jersey Shore” is going to be an interesting one to watch because it will be a different environment in the Shore house.

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